Again. About those ticks…

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At the start of last summer, I reminded you all: Check for ticks.


It was– and is– good advice.


If you’ve not already read it, please pop over and do so. Even if you have, it wouldn’t hurt just to refresh yourself on how “at-risk” your area might be.


I’ve been a little scarce around here. There are many good reasons for that. Yesterday would have been our fourth baby’s due date. All five of us have battled a fierce tummy bug. Those things alone would have kept me off the computer.


But we had more significant news.


Last week, our son, A., lost consciousness at school. His blood pressure dropped to 62 over 37 and the nurse was concerned. Since it’s not the first time he’s fainted, we were too.


I took him to the doctor. She ordered tests. Some day, I might tell you the whole tale in the form of a “My Story… ” series because, truly? There is SO.MUCH to tell. But, until then, I will leave you with this:


We spent this week getting results, consulting with a pediatric cardiologist, viewing heart ultrasounds, and logging 24-hour EKG halter monitor results. Ultimately, we started our son on at least four weeks of medication to try to get him well and heal his heart.


All because of a tick.


One we never saw.


No bulls-eye rash.


Lyme Disease with no evident symptoms that went on for months.


And now, he’s out of sports or strenuous activity for a month. I’m making follow-up appointments with a HEART DOCTOR. We’re all optimistic, but still praying, that medication will do the trick.


So, please…


Be careful. Check for ticks. Try to wear long pants when you can and, despite how un-cool it might look, consider tucking them into your socks. Do get out and enjoy nature because, really, it IS worth it. But be vigilant.


Stinkin’ ticks.

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9 comments to Again. About those ticks…

  • Amanda

    Oh no! I’m so sorry. I don’t wish it on anyone and a kid to have it is terrible. I had it about 2 years ago and went undiagnosed for a while because I never had the bullseye mark. They finally tested my blood after a month of high fevers, headaches and fatigue. It can take so long to recover. I’m glad that it was finally diagnosed and now you can just worry about getting your little one well.

  • Poor guy…so sorry you have to go through this and hoping for a quick recovery for him!

    Hope you are all feeling better from your tummy bug too, and that yesterday wasn’t too hard emotionally.

  • I’ll be praying for A – for full recovery! I’m sorry to learn you’ve been going through such a difficult time lately.

  • Many thanks for sharing (again!) the issue with ticks, and now your personal experience. I was just starting to plan some outdoorsy activities and hiking. I pray that A makes a full recovery!

  • Darcey

    So sorry to hear of your son. My daughter, 15 months, had lyme earlier this summer. It is really scarry. I will pray that he gets over it quickly. We know about ticks, also, here in New York.

  • Sonja

    I am so sorry to hear about that! Lyme’s is so terrible!

    Two weeks ago, my 5 yo son had over 200 of those pencil point ticks on him. My husband spent almost 2 hours getting them off him and rechecking to make sure he got them all. The head doctor of infectious diseases at our children’s hospital assured us that there is no Lyme’s here, but I’m still concerned. We just got over a 4 year illness with him, so I guess I’m a little paranoid.

    Will be praying for you and your family!

  • I’m praying everything will be ok. I have a brother in law with Lyme and has had it for many years, he can not be treated because it doesn’t show up on any Lyme tests, so he just suffers. I have another brother in law that almost died from Lyme and another tick illness last summer, and my son got Lyme a few years ago but was caught and treated right away. These ticks are something else. We are always very watchful when it’s tick season.

  • [...] it will likely be “later today”), we take our firstborn to the hospital. I told you all he had Lyme Disease. I told you he took weeks and weeks of antibiotics. And, still, we’re not out of the [...]

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