A Heart for Prayer

I’ve had it for years, now. More years than I’ve had children, certainly.


Back when we were living the DINK lifestyle, I frequently kept my eyes open for smokin’ deals on jewelry– real jewelry. The kind with gemstones. Call it a weakness…


I found this necklace for a song, and thought it was unique and sweet.

It’s a small 14K gold heart with super-thin glass sides encasing itty-bitty faceted garnets that move freely inside.


It fascinates babies, because it rattles and shakes. It fascinates children because the stones shift and catch the light. It fascinates men because they’ve never seen anything like it.


I just think it’s pretty.


I’ve been wearing it a lot this last week.


You see, garnet is my oldest child’s birthstone. It’s not why I bought it; remember, I had it well before children. But he’s a January baby and it’s his stone.


And, right now, we’re hoping and praying that his heart will heal from the damage caused by Lyme Disease. A pediatric cardiologist has entered our lives and, while he is very optimistic that the current treatment will work, there is always the worry…


So I wear a garnet heart. To remind me of my oldest’s precious, strong, fighting heart. Every time I see it, touch it, or someone remarks on it, I say another little prayer that he’ll make it through this unscathed.


A little extra prayer never hurt.


Do you have any “prayer reminders” that you wear or keep around your home?


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3 comments to A Heart for Prayer

  • Oh JessieLeigh, my heart hurts for everything your family is going through right now. Hang in there!

  • I love having reminders to pray. It saddens me that prayer isn’t often my first response to everything but that’s when little reminders come in handy. I think of how it is to scroll down twitter and see prayer requests and it reminds me to stop right there and pray for them. Wishing your family a lot of health!

  • Courtney

    Many many prayers for your son- so glad God is the great physician and healer. Praying for healing in your son’s life!

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