10 More Fabulous Things to Add to Tomato Soup

It has been a couple years now since I wrote about ways to make tomato soup special. And you know what? That post remains, far and away, one of my most popular. Not a single day goes by that a search for “things to add to tomato soup” doesn’t land on my site.


This tells me that people are obviously looking for ways to make “plain old tomato soup” taste better, heartier, and more exciting.


“I don’t like tomato soup,” you say.


I hear you. I don’t either. No… really! Even with a grilled cheese on the side, plain ol’ tomato soup isn’t cuttin’ it for me.


But souped-up tomato soup? Mmmm… yes, please!


Here are ten MORE ways to make tomato soup out-of-this-world yummy, whether you start with homemade or the stuff in a can…


  1. Ditalini (or anelletti) & mini meatballs– Tiny meatballs and kid-friendly pasta make this a family favorite. The meatballs can be made ahead and stored in the freezer and this meal comes together in a flash.
  2. Tortellini and garlicky wilted spinach– Wilt fresh spinach in a little olive oil and minced garlic for just a few minutes. Add cooked tortellini to the tomato soup and drop in the spinach at the least minute. Elegant and easy.
  3. Topped with broiled goat cheese– Use dental floss to slice a generous slice of goat cheese. Carefully set on top of a small crock of tomato soup and place under the broiler for a few minutes. Keep an eye on it! Remove when bubbly and brown on the edges. Bliss…
  4. Taco meat, corn, and tortilla chips– Got leftover taco meat? Toss it in your soup! Corn balances it nicely and a sprinkle of crushed chips adds yummy salty crunch. (Black beans are delicious in there, too.)
  5. “Cioppino”-style with shrimp, crab, and hot peppers– Any size shrimp (even those dinky salad guys) and crab (even imitation) have a lovely, delicate texture in tomato soup. Add some hot peppers (we love hot cherry peppers!) to create a quick knock-off of the Italian classic.
  6. Topped with roasted garlic-smeared toast and melted buffalo mozzarella– Think of how French Onion soup is frequently served. Yeah, that’s the idea here. Fantastic.
  7. White beans, brown rice, and diced carrots– Need a quick, cheap, nutrient-rich meal? This one’s got you covered!
  8. Cream cheese & rotiniHello, lover. This one is just simple and indulgent. I, personally, like to add some herbs, whether fresh or dried, and it never fails to make a perfect winter lunch.
  9. With a generous splash of sherry and itty-bitty cubes of swiss cheese dropped inOh, yes. Amazing flavor combination here. The sherry and swiss are perfection together and those tiny cubes will melt into glorious stringiness.
  10. Chili beans & browned ground beef– toss some chili, garlic, and onion powder in there and top with melted cheddar. Quick and dirty chili cheat. And tasty.


So there you go. Go make some tomato soup. But make it special.




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