Shapey Sandwiches

Yeah, yeah, I know that’s a really childish name. There’s a reason for that– I’ve been eating shapey sandwiches since I was a toddler.


When I was little, my mom would always– ALWAYS– use cookie cutters to cut tuna sandwiches into cute little shapes. Hence: Shapey Sandwiches. I loved them.


Over time, my need for cute little shapes lessened, but one thing didn’t change… I still had to flatten my bread for a tuna sandwich. You see, when making a proper shapey sandwich, one doesn’t just make the sandwich and jam a cookie cutter on there. Oh, no. Proper shapey sandwich procedure dictates that you roll the bread flat with a rolling pin first.


This accomplishes a couple of things– 1) it makes it easier to cut through the layers and 2) it kind of “stretches” the bread, giving you a larger surface area for cutting out shapes.


What it also did was permanently alter my sandwich taste when it comes to any kind of mayo based “salad” sort of sandwich: tuna, egg, or chicken, for example.


So, if you ever see me make a tuna sandwich, don’t be alarmed when I pull out a rolling pin or start smushing the bread with the palm of my hand. It’s all just because of the Shapey Sandwich.


Do you have any weird food quirks that carried over from your childhood?

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