Menu Plan: 8/5 – Farm to Table Camp

If you hang with me on Facebook and or Twitter, you already know that this past week was ROUGH on me. Illness ravaged our home with diagnoses ranging from Lyme disease to possible appendicitis later ruled a brutal staph infection and everything in between. Yikes.


Everyone appears to be on the mend, however, and I’m beyond excited about this week’s camp topic. We’ll be studying where our food comes from, how foods affect our bodies– for good and bad, how to prepare various foods, etc. We’ll be visiting local farms to buy food, menu planning together, and preparing what we eat together. The kids are THRILLED and I think it’s going to be a blast.


Here’s what we’ll be making!



B: Cheerios, Yogurt, Juice (for the kiddos, before Mass)

Brunch: Egg & Cheese Sandwiches, Cantaloupe

Snack: Hopefully, trail mix out on a hike! We’ll see how everyone’s feeling…

D: Leftovers (sick appetites have left us with abundant leftovers)


Monday– (“Super Foods” Day)


B: Oatmeal, Yogurt w/ Blueberries, Milk

L: Salmon, Brown Rice, Broccoli

D: Spaghetti w/ homemade Marinara, Caramelized Onion & Spinach Olive Oil Quick Bread, Salad from the garden



B: Tea & Crumpets Oatmeal w/ Apples, Milk


L: Grilled Cheese, Peach Sorbet

D: Baked Stuffed Chicken Breasts, Green Beans



B: Zucchini Bread w/ Homemade Butter, Mixed Fruit, Milk

L: Egg Salad Tortilla Wraps, Carrot Sticks w/ Ranch Dip

D: Bean Burritos



B: Zucchini Bread w/ Homemade Butter, Mixed Fruit, Milk

L: Cheese Quesadillas, Berries

D: Pasta Salad w/ Chicken, Carrots, & Peppers



B: Peach Vanilla Smoothies, Toast

L: Cheesy Beans & Rice 

D: Pepper & Mushroom Pizza



B: CSA Veggie & Sausage Baked Omelet

L: Chicken Noodles, Jello

D: Hot Dogs, Pickles, Baked Beans


And that’s the plan around here!  


What’s on your menu plan this week? Have you had any gardening successes this year?


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