Menu Plan: 8/12 — Yay for no set menu plan!

Yay for menu plans! I absolutely love having a plan in place. It saves me so many headaches to know just what we’ll be eating and to know ahead of time that we have all the food we need to get through many, many days.




Yay for NOT having a set menu plan!


Because we are on a staycation this week. :)


What will we be eating? Well, it’s pretty loose. I can tell you a few things we’ll be doing…


  • …eating hot dogs outside on the playscape
  • …sipping sherbet milkshakes to beat the heat
  • …having cookies for breakfast
  • …playing the fry game
  • …eating a tomato for breakfast (<– my three-year-old listed this as her greatest desire)
  • …eating a picnic brunch on the trail during a massive hike after church
  • …going to Chili’s for dinner (we have a gift card from Christmas!)
  • …munching on trail mix as we explore
  • …sampling various homemade sorbets
  • … and ???


Who knows? This week has endless possibilities. :)


I LOVE having a meal plan.


And having a regular meal plan has given us the luxury of truly enjoying and embracing the loose spontaneity that comes with vacation.


C’est la joie de vivre!



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