How We’re Spending Our Summer Staycation

Next week, we take a staycation. My husband took the week off, and we plan to have a blast. Honestly, due to all the scary illness with which we’ve had to contend, we haven’t nailed down a lot of plans yet. We’ve had lots of good ideas, though…

  • hiking
  • camping
  • visiting the CT shoreline
  • Mystic
  • Maritime Aquarium
  • museums
  • etc, etc, etc…


There’s plenty to do in this here state to keep up well-occupied. (And to take a bite out of our wallet, to be honest.)


Still, what we want most of all is to delight and make memories with our children. We tried to come up with ideas and places they’d enjoy, but we thought it’d be wise to poll them on what they most want to do.


I sat down with the three of them this morning and told them that we each had to come up with TWENTY ideas for how to spend our summer vacation. Daddy will come up with his own twenty for a nice round hundred ideas.


Some of the ones they were most excited about sharing?

  • Play hide & seek.
  • Play hopping frog.
  • Go dollar store shopping.
  • Play bocce together.
  • Have pancakes for supper.
  • Water flowers togethers.
  • Have breakfast on the playscape bench.
  • Paint a picture.
  • Eat a tomato for breakfast.
  • Love each other. (<– Seriously. My boy. Be still my heart.)
  • … and on and on and on.


I think the most expensive thing they suggested may have been going out to dinner one night. And it was mentioned tentatively.


Our staycation is sounding like a total blast!


And my children are, once again, teaching me what “making memories” is really all about.


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