Helping Your Child Have a (Socially) Successful School Year

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Just in case you missed it, I was over at Life as MOM earlier in the week with my best tips on helping your children make friends as the new school year gets going.

Friends are a wonderful part of life. This is as true as an adult as it is as a child. Each new school year can bring a bit of trepidation for little ones, though, as they head into a new classroom and with at least a few new faces.

Not only will there be nerves about getting on the right bus, finding the right room, and getting along with a new teacher– some children will also fret about getting along with their peers. And some of us grown-ups will fret right along with them.

While there is no guarantee that our children will be popular or have an easy time forging connections, there are a few things we can do as parents to help them along…


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