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There was a time when I was ALL over the free samples. I was super on top of it and I signed up for oodles of them. I feel like I’ve perhaps slowed down in that regard, but I still enjoy a good freebie now and then– especially if it’s for something that I already know I love or, even better, something I’m likely to run out of without a back-up on hand.


Need an example? Detergent. *sigh* I’m rotten at keeping enough detergent on hand. The problem is this– I’ll find some awesome sale and wind up with four to six bottles of the stuff. Well, then I feel like I have so much on hand that I totally forget about it… until I’m swishing water around the inside of the last bottle to eke out just one.more.load.


So, knowing this about me, you can see why I adore detergent samples.


Now, I’m going to be honest with you all. I receive samples of a whole lot of products that I never, ever even consider going into the store to purchase. I might appreciate the freebie and use it in a pinch, but I know full-well I’m not going to actually shell out for the stuff.


Companies, of course, bank on you falling in love with the product. Why else would you send out a free sample? The hope, of course, is that the consumer will try it, love it, and not be able to resist buying it.


I’m a champion at resisting.


And then I got these things. Tide Pods Spring Meadow. I tossed it on my laundry shelf.


Of course, it wasn’t long before I ran out of my bottle of laundry detergent. It’s kind of my MO, as I told you earlier. ;) No worries. I tossed that Tide Pod in the next load and noted “detergent” on my list. I thought that was the end of it.


Except it wasn’t.


As I folded clothing that night, I held a tiny white t-shirt up to the light in disbelief.


“It’s clean!” I exclaimed to my husband.


He spared me a brief glance and asked, “Yeah, why wouldn’t it be? Didn’t you just wash it?”


“Yes, but I’ve washed it before. It’s actually CLEAN. There were stains on this shirt that had been there since last summer… but they’re GONE.”


Yep. That’s right. In that moment, I turned into a regular ad for Tide Pods Spring Meadow.


Still, I’m stubborn and frugal and determined NOT to fall for the “latest and greatest” gimmick. And, so, I carried on and bought a different detergent.


And then recalled my oh-so clean Tide clothes. *sigh…*


Long story short, my husband bought me a giant tub of Tide Pods Spring Meadow at Costco awhile back and I’ve been happily using them.


Not a Costco member or looking for an even MORE convenient way to get your favorite Proctor & Gamble products? Well, happy day. Proctor & Gamble has launched their own estore, making it simple and convenient to order your favorite products from the comfort of your home. Some of the perks of that? Well, off the top of my head…

  • having diapers and wipes show up right at your door when you’re busy with a baby
  • having necessary household items delivered when life gets crazy hectic
  • lots of great olympic-themed bundles and deals right now
  • free shipping on all orders over $25 (woo hoo! save gas AND shipping!)
  • through August 31st, you’ll save 10% off ALL items in the Proctor & Gamble estore!


So there you go! I, for one, would have really appreciated knowing about this when I was in the throes of crazy, family-wide sickness last week. Sometimes, we all just need a little convenience to make our crazy lives easier. Looks like Proctor & Gamble caught on to that. :)


*Note: This post contains affiliate links, unlike just about every other thing I write. All opinions are totally and completely my own, but I always want to let you know anytime I might make a few cents from your purchases: this is one of those rare times. ;)
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