5 Fun (& Easy) Ways to Make this Weekend Great

(I can’t guarantee your weekend will be as great as HERS, but we can try!)

While there may not be any guarantees in life (death and taxes excepted), there are definitely steps we can take to tip the scales in our favor!


Looking to have a fabulous weekend? Here are five simple things to add to your agenda to help make it fun and rewarding:


  1. Get moving. Whether you go for a walk, take a family bike ride, swim some laps, or dance it out with the kiddos, getting your body moving and your heart thumping is so good for you. No matter what your current state and age, there is something you can do to be a little more active. The rewards? You’ll feel energized, kick-start metabolism, and sleep better.
  2. Reach out to an elderly friend or relative. Pick up the phone, the pen, or your car keys. Touch base with someone several decades your senior. It doesn’t take long to make a phone call or write out a quick, chatty card. Compassion feels good because it IS good.
  3. Take a short-cut. Pick up take-out, serve cereal for breakfast, put your hair in a messy bun rather than wash it. Maybe you’ll grab some packaged snacks as a total departure from your usual homemade. Do something that makes your life easier and frees up a few minutes for fun!
  4. Wear a different color. Most of us gravitate toward the same three or four shades most days. You should just see the number of green and blue tops I own– it’s kind of insane. Deliberately reach for something outside of your comfort zone, preferably something bright and fun. Red, orange, yellow, lime green, vivid purple– the sky’s the limit! Changing up something as simple as the color of your tee can change your whole outlook and may even help you discover a new favorite.
  5. Sleep. Grab some extra zzz’s wherever you can get them or whenever you prefer them. Doesn’t matter if you sleep in, go to bed early, or snag a nap. Giving your body the chance to get some likely much-needed rest can change your entire perspective. Being tired is no fun, but many of us just aren’t making sleep a priority. Even if you can’t do it every day, find a way to make it happen this weekend– everyone in your family will reap the benefits!


What do you think– are you ready to have a great weekend?

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