3 Embarrassing (but true) Things About JessieLeigh

Honestly, I don’t have anything remarkable to talk about today. I mean– I could. After all, I’ve had a child nearly diagnosed with appendicitis (later discovered to be a staph infection), a husband with a tick-borne illness, and, oh yeah, another child who had a seizure, all within the last week or so. You could say it’s been, um, REAL around here.


But, to be truthful, I don’t even want to talk about all that. It’s kind of exhausting to think about it.


So, instead, in a burst of total randomness, I thought I’d share three embarrassing, but true, things you probably didn’t know about me…


1) I sweat. A lot. I have this long fluffy blonde hair and shiny polished nails and, yet, I can be one sweaty girl. If I think too much about it, I sweat even more. It is one of my greatest fears to be without antiperspirant and I will never– NEVER, I tell you– attempt to “make my own deodorant” or use one of those crystal things or whatever. It is not significant enough that I need a prescription or anything, but I won’t ever be one of those dainty “glistening” girls either.


2) I can hold my own when discussing major events in American history… but I learned just about all of it through Sunfire romances. Oh, my friends, it’s so embarrassing, but it’s TRUE! My husband would ask me, “How do you know about the Galveston hurricane at the turn of the century?” or “When did you learn so much about Irish immigration?” And, finally, I had to admit that I learned it all by reading silly young adult “historical romances” as a middle school-er.


3) I was at Clinton’s inauguration. Okay, that’s not really embarrassing, but it is true! What’s a tad embarrassing to me is that, back then, in my tender teen years, I fancied myself a Democrat… HA HA HA!!! I was idealistic and free-thinking and my conservative backbone wasn’t yet fully formed, I guess. (Note: I’m not making fun of Democrats. I have oodles of Democrats in my family and among my friends. It’s just funny, now, to think of MYSELF as aligning with the Democratic party…)


Sigh. Now you know. I’m really a sweaty former Democrat who used to read historical romances. Who’d a thought? :)


Your turn:


Any embarrassing but true things you’d like to share?

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