10 Things You Can’t Say or People Think You’re Pregnant

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First of all, I would be remiss in not commencing this post by telling you all that I am NOT pregnant. I can just imagine people getting all excited for me for no reason at all, even though I don’t really think I’m being misleading.


Really, this post is just about how, as a woman in her child-bearing years, you have to be ever-aware of your choice of words. Seemingly innocuous statements will lead people to immediately assume that you’ve got a baby on board. Ten that fall in this camp?


  1. “I’m so tired…”
  2. “Man, my stomach/appetite/general well-being is just OFF today…”
  3. “I have an exciting announcement!”
  4. “I have a surprise for you!”
  5. “Big, new things happening in our lives!”
  6. “We’re looking at buying a new car.”
  7. “I’ve really been craving _______.”
  8. “I just can’t stand the sight/smell/taste of _______ lately.”
  9. “Why am I so sensitive these days?”
  10. “I wanted to tell you first…”


So, just to set the record straight…


Sometimes I’m tired. Sometimes I’m nauseous. And sometimes I have some really awesome news to share!


But none of that necessarily means I’m pregnant.


Just sayin’.



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