Where I Live (and what Connecticut is not!)

It always makes me giggle when I talk to people about Connecticut. Nine times out of ten, their perception of what it’s like here is just hysterical to me. “Busy”, “snooty”, “lots of city folks”, “freezing cold”, and “unfriendly” are things I frequently hear. Many of my midwestern and southern friends view Connecticut as one massive New York City suburb. Well… It’s true that we’re a quick drive from NYC. (And isn’t that handy? Museums! Shows! The Bronx Zoo!) Boston’s an easy day trip, too, for that matter. But… suburb? Busy? City? This is where I live.

This is how we spend our weekends.

While we adore our close proximity to all sorts of cultural icons, we are even more enthralled with the beauty of the country here. This is not some state park or major hiking center. No, this is just one of the hundreds of trails a quick hop, skip, and a jump from where we live. We don’t pay to park or encounter massive crowds. Busy? That makes me laugh. Our Connecticut is open, airy, mountainous, and peaceful. Fresh streams and brooks babble on by…

Wildflowers pop up in unexpected places.

Centuries-old stone walls ramble through woods and make us wonder about what used to be there. What property lines did they mark? What grew beyond their borders?

Connecticut is rich in history– we were one of the original colonies, after all. Our towns were settled in dates that start with SIXTEEN. That’s old, US-wise. This history can be explored in our little town halls and our major museums. But it can also be explored in our woods, our hills, our trails, our long-abandoned railway tunnels…

You don’t need to be an experienced hiker to enjoy ambling through our forests. There are trails that take less than an hour to complete and, perhaps most delightfully of all for one as directionally challenged as I, they are frequently very well-marked.

Even I can follow a certain color of paint spots (called “blazes”) on trees! You know what I have not found on my journeys through the countryside? Busy. Snooty. City folks. Freezing cold. (Okay, it gets cold here. In the winter. But no colder than the midwest!) It’s a glorious thing to be able to relish the beauty of nature while exploring rich history, letting children wander free and breathe fresh air. There’s always more to discover in our little corner of Connecticut…

Have I changed your perception of this little state a bit? Tell me– if you were to come visit me here in Connecticut, what do you think you’d most enjoy checking out?

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