Tweet, tweet… and I’m not talkin’ Twitter.

It’s Bird Camp!

My youngest child is a definite bird lover. She adores her mini Audobon collection and has a remarkably good ear for a toddler. At two-years-old, she would tip her head and announce, “I hear a red-winged blackbird!” And she was right.


Because of this, it was no surprise at all when she chose “Birds” for one of her three camp topics this summer. Quite frankly, I was delighted, because “Bird Camp” is pretty easy to set up. There are TONS of fun bird activities we can do together!


Here are just a few…


We read books. Lots and lots of books. It’s AMAZING the facts they retain.


As always, the “camp” doorway MUST be decorated!


Egg salad (of course) sandwiches cut into sweet little owls.


Birdies grace our window– made from pre-cut foam circles from the dollar store.


Hand-print birdies.


We took a Bird Walk around the neighborhood and collected feathers (primarily crow and blue jay) that we found. We also found an eggshell! My seven-year-old carried a notebook and wrote down any birds we heard or saw, too. So much fun!!


G. works hard putting together a birdie snack.


The final birdie snack! Yum! (Also? Healthy.)


Oh my, would you look at that sad little camper with her beautiful glittery cardinal? Turns out the poor girl was running a 104 degree fever… can’t blame her for looking a bit glum!


We’ve been having a blast! (Well, fever not-withstanding.) If C. is feeling better, we’ll be heading over to Bama’s house for a fun “field trip” later this morning.


But if she’s not? We’ll hunker down and watch a bird movie together. That’s the beauty of doing at-home camps… infinite flexibility! :)


How’s your summer going? What family fun have you been enjoying?

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