Menu Plan: 7/29 – Free Oatmeal Ebook (last chance!)


I’m due for another major shopping trip. The August menu plan is just about all set, and I’m excited to restock a few things. May I be honest with you all, though? I despise shopping on the first. Seriously. It’s madness in the stores. Too many paychecks and government checks go out on that day. So, even though the budget is reset (and I even have some overage from last month!), I’m going to try to stay out of the stores until the end of the week.


We’ll still be eating pretty well! (And I admit I’m going to grab milk. ;))



B: Cheerios, Applesauce (for the kiddos, before Mass)

Brunch: Cinnamon Roll Bread (made with a Portuguese corn bread dough that was AWESOME), Fried Ham

Snack: . . . I don’t actually know. I’m sure we won’t starve.

D: Sunday Supper at Bama & Papa’s



B: Tea & Crumpets Oatmeal w/ chopped Nectarines, Milk

D: Egg Salad Sandwiches (on Portuguese corn bread, aka Broa), Lettuce, Pickles



B: Peaches & Cream Oatmeal, Milk


D: Carnitas Soft Tacos, Spanish Rice




B: Peppermint Creme Oatmeal, Berries, Milk

D: Homemade Hamburger Helper, Boiled Beets (<– I’m not one bit excited about that, but my husband claims he likes them. So… okay.)



B: Peaches & Cream Oatmeal, Cinnamon Apples

D: Beans & Rice, Corn



B: Toasted Broa w/ PB, Apples

D: Ranch-y White Pizza w/ Ground Beef & Veggies



B: Pancakes w/ Caramel Apples, Milk

L: Macaroni & Cheese, Broccoli

D: Shrimp Tacos w/ Guacamole


And that’s the plan around here!  


What’s on your menu plan this week? Are you enjoying lots of fresh produce or has the heat and lack of rain hit your area hard?


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1 comment to Menu Plan: 7/29 – Free Oatmeal Ebook (last chance!)

  • Just stopping by from Organizing Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday!
    Yes, the 1st of the month is brutal at our local Walmart and Food 4 Less. Thank goodness these days we do our monthly grocery shopping mid-month.
    It looks like it’s going to be in the low 100′s but humid in Las Vegas today.
    Your menu plan looks delicious!
    I hope you have a terrific week

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