Menu Plan: 7/1 – CSA Delay


Our CSA was delayed a week– such a bummer! Most of you with CSAs have been receiving shares for a month or so already! But Connecticut’s growing season is short and a fierce thunderstorm battered crops a week or so ago. Ah, well. We *should* be getting our first box this week and I cannot wait!

In the meantime, we’re enjoying fresh peas, lettuce, cilantro, and wild black raspberries from my backyard. The carrots should be ready soon!


Here’s what we’re serving up this week:



B: Granola Bars, Applesauce, Water (for the kiddos, before Mass)

Brunch: a quick cinnamon bread snack before our hike

Lunch: Sandwiches, Apples, Trail Mix, Water (on the trail)

D: Birthday supper for my mother, hosted at my sister’s house.



B: Tea & Crumpets Oatmeal w/ Wild Black Raspberries, Milk

D: Grilled Cheese, Mixed Fruit, Water (<– simple suppers on Mondays for awhile… it’s our new horseback riding night)



B: Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal, Milk

D: Cookout at my parents’… I’ll be bringing the dessert. I’m leaning toward Jessica’s Snickerdoodle Bars. (they’re really, really good)



B: Scrambled Eggs w/ Bacon, Cinnamon Toast, Milk


D: Burgers, Corn, Pickles



B: P, B, & J Oatmeal, Milk

D: Salmon Salad Sandwiches, Cucumbers, Water



B: Banana Blueberry Smoothies, Toast

D: Pepperoni “Coat of Arms”¬†Pizza



B: Cinnamon Roll Bread, HB Eggs, Fruit

L: Chicken Noodles, Jello

D: Pizza Omelets, Toast


And that’s the plan around here! ¬†


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1 comment to Menu Plan: 7/1 – CSA Delay

  • I’m stopping by from Menu Plan Monday today!
    I’m not sure if there’s a CSA in the Las Vegas area. We have a few farmers’ markets but they’re not conveniently located.
    Thanks to Pinterest and MPM, I’m able to keep inspired when it comes to cooking and baking!
    I hope you have a wonderful week!

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