Get Old? Why not?

I posted that photo on Facebook a few weeks ago on my birthday. Under it, I wrote…

“36?!? :)”

Yes, indeed. Thirty-six.Truth be told, my age is not all that alarming to me.

I think part of that has to do with the fact that I’m the youngest child in my own family. My husband is also the baby of the family, meaning I’m just a young ‘un on that side, too. I’m one of four cousins all born within a year, but of the four I was born last. I live in New England where, realistically, I’m considered a “young mom.”

Given all that background, it’s not so surprising I don’t really feel “old” at thirty-six, now is it? My average reader, however, is younger than me. I know this. I also received numerous disbelieving replies to my photo. (Thank you, by the way.) While that was very flattering, it was also very amusing…because clearly some of you view my age as pretty darn old.

I’m okay with that, though! I’m also totally okay with getting older. Not only is there that whole “consider the alternative” argument, but there’s also the fact that, as the years pass, I’m feeling strong, healthy, and determined to live my best life.

I can completely and honestly say I’m in better shape at thirty-six than I was at twenty-six. My waist might not be quite as tiny, but I’m stronger, have better endurance, and way more confidence. I have the energy to exercise, explore my world, and keep up with three little ones.

My twenties were fun, but my thirties are better. Quite frankly, that makes me super optimistic about my forties, too! I don’t lie about my age– never have and never intend to. I think that getting older is a blessing and an opportunity and I want to both celebrate it and be prepared for it.

That’s why I had fun playing around at Pfizer’s “Get Old” site. Despite the rather amusing name, this web page isn’t about being elderly, retired, or even dealing with the effects of aging.

Get Old is about:

  • Living the best possible quality of life at any age;
  • Getting excited about the wisdom and experiences that come with age;
  • Providing practical information about how to stay healthy as we age;
  • Realizing we’re all in this to live a full, fun, and long life!

Whether getting older makes you feel optimistic, angry, uneasy, or prepared, Get Old connects participants to relevant information and dynamic conversation. The focus isn’t just on getting a bunch of candles on your cake– it’s about being able to do and see and explore more as a side-effect of having more years. And that’s a wonderful thing!

I, for one, cannot wait to post my “46?!?” pic for you all. :)

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Be sure to check out the Get Old page to find out more about the Get Old platform and read how other bloggers feel about aging!

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