10 Reasons You Might Want to Blog



… that have nothing to do with making money.


There are a lot (a LOT) of articles out there offering lists of ways blogging can help you earn a small income. Ads, sponsored posts, affiliate sales, etc. are ticked off, sometimes with helpful links. And that is fabulous. I have nothing– not one thing– against earning some cash from blogging.


I don’t mind saying, however, that I, personally, never recommend someone start blogging with the sole goal of making money in mind. Am I glad I get a little cash for my efforts? Yes, I am. But the money alone would NOT keep me blogging. Fortunately, I have lots of other good reasons that keep me writing!


10 Ways Blogging May Help You (that have nothing to do with money)


Here are ten reasons why blogging might be a great fit for you:

  1. You love to write. Many of the best bloggers are people who just love to write. If putting words on paper or a screen makes you happy and helps you process things, then blogging can be a wonderful way to practice and stay sharp.
  2. You need to vent. Perhaps you’re near to bursting because you’re sad, mad, upset, horrified, or crushed about something. Blogging allows you to pour your heart out without necessarily having to share it with the people who are involved in the strife. It can be healing to have an outlet for all those emotions.
  3. You seek community. Are you a new mom, lonely at home? Have you recently moved or changed careers? Are you struggling to forge “IRL” connections? Well, then blogging might help fill some voids for you. While blogging shouldn’t replace real-life friendships, it can bring some amazing individuals into your life and you can form very real, very strong connections with others. That’s a lovely thing!
  4. You see a need. Have you sought support or information in a certain area and were unable to find it? Starting a blog to meet that need could be a real blessing to others! Maybe you have a child undergoing testing for a rare disorder and you can’t find the right support network… why not be the one to start it up?
  5. You’re fleshing something out. Are you thinking about a project? Whether it’s writing a book or redecorating the lower level of your home, lots of brainstorming and planning takes place on blogs! There are sites dedicated entirely to renovation projects or works in progress. It’s your space and it gives you the freedom to get all your ideas and photos in one spot.
  6. You seek escape. When life gets too hard or overwhelming, it’s nice to have a place you can go and just let the words flow. Blogging can give you that.
  7. You’re battling demons. Addictions, abuse, depression, loss, etc… the list of challenges we all might face at one point or another is endless. Blogging allows you to work through some on these issues and connect with a community that understands. Too often, those who surround us in our real lives might be supportive and kind but, if they’ve never been through it, they don’t GET it. Trust me– someone else in the blogosphere has been through it, too.
  8. You want to help or teach. Are you an expert about something? Or have you been through something and feel experienced? Are you in the process of learning something new and want to share? Blogging gives you a platform for this. You can share your knowledge and help others!
  9. You feel alone/different in your community. Perhaps you’re the “crunchiest” one on your block just because you clean with vinegar. Maybe you’re the only one who’s going through the adoption process in your neighborhood. Could be you’re living the frugal life in a sea of folks who love to spend. Whatever it is that makes you feel “different”, it’s just not so when you’re online. Communities abound and it’s not so hard to find your niche. Blogging can help you feel like you’ve got a tribe who really gets you.
  10. You have an awesome story to tell. Maybe you’ve been through some wild rides. Maybe you’re a gifted storyteller. Finding “just the right time” to share your story can be tough when you’re out and about living your everyday life. Online? Any time is a good time to share!


Do you blog? Why do you do it? Or have you ever thought about starting one?



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4 comments to 10 Reasons You Might Want to Blog

  • Visiting from Many Blessings Top 10 Tuesday! I loved your #9 – “perhaps you’re the only one that cleans with vinegar”

    Ha! Made me laugh – thanks! Great list!

  • My goodness, girl. Have we spoken about this? I know we haven’t, but it feels like we have because you listed every single reason I started blogging 7 months ago! in one form or another.

    Perfect list! and I don’t make any $$ blogging, but the rewards I receive (like I got to meet you!) are worth every bit of my time….

    • It took awhile before I could say I made any money blogging, but I really, really would never keep doing it for that reason alone. I love the community and I have met such fantastic people through this medium… LOVE it!!

  • Uhm… all the above? 8) Hopped over from MLB and following you on twitter now!

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