Saving Time in the Kitchen: Draining Ground Beef

Last week, I shared with you all my easy (but important!) tip for boiling water more quickly.


This week, I want to tell you how I drain my ground beef. 


Draining ground beef is not difficult in any way. And there are lots of popular methods, including– but not limited to– holding the beef in the pan with a spoon while pouring off the fat, using a lid to drain the fat (much as you would drain water), or even rinsing the beef in a colander.


Me? I use a turkey baster.

This keeps the edges of the pan clean, is thorough, and doesn’t strip ALL the moisture and flavor off (like rinsing seems to, for me.) I also don’t wind up dropping bits of beef all over my sink like I do when I attempt the spoon method… maybe I’m just not coordinated. I don’t know.


But I DO know that using a turkey baster to get rid of the fat totally works for me!


How do you drain your ground beef?

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6 comments to Saving Time in the Kitchen: Draining Ground Beef

  • Erin

    I drain my using a fine mesh colander. I simply put a plastic bowl underneath, put my beef in the colander and it drips away. I reserve that bowl for use with only the strainer and then if I need drippings for whatever reason, they are there for my use. :)

    • What do you use your beef drippings for, Erin, if you don’t mind my asking? I save my bacon grease always– because it’s good in so many things– but I tend to toss the beef grease.

  • I don’t know why but the beef we use doesn’t have that much grease. I usually just let it cook until all the oil has cooked off.

    • I’d actually never heard of that method, Miranda! You learn something new every day. :) But, yes, I can see that you wouldn’t want to try that with an excessive amount of grease in there.

  • If I use 95% lean then I really have no fat to speak of, but if not I just dump it into my giant stretch over the edges of the sink colander. My husband tilts the pan like you do and uses a paper towel to sop up the grease! I think it’s super weird, but I try to refrain from commenting. ;)

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