“My Story… ” Monday: G — Fitting Our Lives Into a Minivan

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Asking a hormonal mess of a post-partum woman to sort through clothing is ridiculous. There’s just no other word for it. While I know my husband thought it was completely normal and rational to ask me to purge out box after box of baby boy stuff, I just… couldn’t. I mean, I was able to pare down but even that was a slow torture for me.


I am fortunate in that I tend to spring back at least close to pre-baby size pretty quickly. (It’s genetics + luck + exercising and not gaining massive weight during pregnancy. That’s the magic formula I give anyone who “hates” me for this fact.) This meant I could better cull through my own garments but, seriously, it was NO fun at all to have to be digging through boxes and closets when I really just wanted to zone out snuggling my precious newborn daughter.

But I did it.


I managed to sort through all of our clothing. I also managed to ruthlessly sort through the toys and what-not and I pulled out only what we’d be able to fit in the minivan… along with us, our necessary clothes, and any other incidentals we might need for the next few weeks. (Or so we thought at the time.)


Here’s where I take a slight detour and tell you all this:


I am one of those mommies who, while never into all the “latest and greatest”, still had quite a bit of “gear” with my first baby. We had a bouncy seat, a swing, a jump-a-roo, a gymini, a cradle, a crib, a changing table, a mobile, etc, etc. Did we have a designer nursery or all top brands? No. Did we have all brand new stuff? No. But, if I really think about it… we had a LOT of gear.


Out of necessity and experience, this was not the case with my third baby. We had her infant car seat. We had a sling. We used my parents’ pack ‘n play. That is IT as far as gear goes. And, as you’ll learn later in the story, that gear lasted us far, far longer than “a few weeks.”


So, my point of all this is, if you haven’t yet invested in all that gear– good for you. And if you haven’t had any babies yet, let me add mine to the other voices of reasons out there… don’t go overboard. I’ll be honest with you– it was handy to have that bouncy seat around. But it wasn’t necessary.


Okay, back to the story at hand…


We loaded our family of five into the minivan packed with all the worldly belongings we would have for the next few months weeks.


And we started driving.


It is roughly 800 miles from Indiana to Connecticut. We had a four-year-old, a three-year-old, and two-week-old. Oh, and a mama who was barely two weeks out of surgery. And still on pain meds that restricted my driving.


Let the adventure begin…

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