My Artist’s Way Toolkit (review)

I’ve been blogging for, oh, almost four years now. During that time, I’ve averaged at least five posts a week. That’s somewhere around 1,500 articles I’ve written. Holy mackerel.


No matter what anyone what might try to tell you, writing is an art form. It requires structure, commitment, creativity, drive, inspiration, and persistance. While it may have been easy as pie to pour words out the first hundred or so times, eventually many of us hit a dry spell. We feel defeated. We wonder what else we have to say that adds value. We stare at the paper or the screen and just want to sigh…


This is where the My Artist’s Way Toolkit can be a huge blessing, I think. I had the opportunity to try out this online tool and, I have to say, I found it to be a great exercise for me. Julia Cameron, ¬†author of The Artist’s Way, provides some prompts for free-writing and proactive steps toward fighting the common causes of writer’s block (e.g. if you’re feeling defeated by negative feedback you received, journal out a letter that defends yourself– even though you won’t send it, it gives you closure and confidence.)


I had fun taking on some of her challenges to try, explore, or visit something new. (Like a local candy shop– how delightful!!) Most of all, I enjoyed clicking on the “creative affirmations”– I’m the kind of person who really eats that kind of thing up. ;)


Did I use the toolkit every day? No, I did not. Honestly, I’m not currently in a phase where I feel really drained and defeated in my writing and, personally, that’s when I think this might be the most beneficial to me. It would also be helpful for a beginning writer, I think, as a way to delve deep into one’s creative side.


I’ll be chatting with some others who had the opportunity to try out the My Artist’s Way Toolkit over at the BlogHer book club (#BHBC) page for the next few weeks. Feel free to pop over and see what others thought about it!


I was compensated for this BlogHer Book Club review but all opinions expressed are my own.
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