Kicking it Off with Unicorn Camp!

We love our summer camps around here. And when I saw that my son had written about them (with great excitement!) in his journal at school, it really warmed my heart.


I’ve told you all six gazillion times already that I give full credit for this idea to Jessica and her Summer Survival Guide. She gave me the tools and nudge I needed to make this whole thing a success.


Now that I’m a bit more experienced ;), I’ve branched out. This year, I gave my kiddos carte blanche (nearly) when it came to choosing topics. And they came up with some real goodies! Since my middle child will be attending summer school a couple days a week in July, to get needed therapies, I wanted to do one of her chosen topics for our first week here in June. She chose…




And here’s how Unicorn Camp looked around here!


Those are just a few of the many books we read and discussed together throughout the week… and our movie for “Pizza and a Movie Night.” (Our library didn’t have “The Last Unicorn”– the horrors!– so I let the kids watch some clips of it online here and there throughout the week… a fun treat!)

We baked “unicorn snacks” together! (There are people who refer to these cookies as “unicorn poop”, but, well, I’m not one of those people.) The kids did a fabulous job helping with them and, when it was time for them to bake…

We set about decorating the camp! My seven-year-old son balked at the idea of coloring unicorn pictures… until I presented him with one depicting a knight riding a unicorn while fighting a dragon. Guess who became my most excited color-er? ;)

Time to decorate the horns! C. loved choosing where to place the stickers. A quick wrap, tape, and the addition of some yarn and I had…

Three little unicorns. Aren’t they sweet? Let’s not talk about how this morphed into a charging horn battle within minutes… hah!

Unicorn horn toss! This was a surprisingly challenging game. Only a few of the “rings” (those would be dress-up plastic bangles) made it onto the unicorn horn (ahem, little cone). Still, it was fun, and everyone was declared a winner! The prize?

Why, marshmallow horns, of course! These were met with much delight.

We spent a lot of time carefully designing and decorating a unicorn garden… and then turning a few horses into unicorns. (Turns out we didn’t have any toy unicorns around here. No worries. We’re flexible. Straws, foil, and a glue gun did the trick.)

And, finally, Friday has arrived. We’ll be watching our unicorn flick tonight and, I figured, wouldn’t it be fun to have special unicorn plates? So we will. :)


And that, my friends, will wind up Unicorn Camp for us!


I can’t begin to tell you what joy these camps bring to our summer together. Do you have any questions about setting up summer camps? What would you like to know?

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