Finding Style Inspiration

Look at those wild flip-flop tan lines– you can tell I love ‘em!

We talked a little bit last month about pedicures and flip-flops and all sorts of fun girly stuff. And, while it’s not my usual topic around here, I have to say… it was a lot of fun!


I think it’s fun to get inspiration for different style, beauty, and fashion ideas in all sorts of places.


Pinterest has opened a whole new world there, has it not? If I’m looking for a fun nail look involving, say, purple, a quick search will turn up endless ideas. While my friends and family in real life might not share my passion for flip-flop footwear, there are oodles and bunches of you out there who do! I can find out all about it on Pinterest. :)


But, while there are gazillions (<– slight exaggeration) of people on Pinterest, let me be clear here: the people whose ideas I most want to see are, well, YOURS. Those of you I “know” and trust. This is why, after that pedicure post, I totally followed Marci’s recommendation and watched for sales on Zoya polish. (I’m waiting for it to arrive– I’ll let you know what I think!)


So here’s what I ask of you today… if you’re on Pinterest, would you let me know? Leave a link so I can find you there and can glean ever-more inspiration from you all! You can find me right here. 


Where do you go for style inspiration?


Share it with all of us over at BlogHer and, while you’re over there, enter the current Life Well Lived Sweepstakes! 


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