Father’s Day Approaches– Need ideas for your man?

It’s June! And that means people start focusing on “dads and grads.” (Also? It’s worth noting that oodles of people get married this month, so anniversaries abound. And some of us *cough, cough* have birthdays this month, too. ;))


We have our own fathers to think about, of course, but many of us also have those men we helped turn into daddies– our husbands. And, between stress and budget and everything else, it can be a challenge to think of ways to make it special… ways to honor the man they call “daddy.”


Last year, I teamed up with an awesome group of women to write an entire series on “Honoring the Man They Call Daddy” in the weeks leading up to Father’s Day. In case you missed any of that (or need a refresher), you can find those posts here…


Giving Him the Gift of Respect

Honestly?  It’s easy to grab a new shirt… to find a fun gadget… to cook a yummy meal.  And there’s nothing wrong with those things!  But, at the heart of it, what does my husband need most from me?  What can I give him that will have a lasting impact on both our relationship and the way his children view him?…


A Meal for MY King

 A meal fit for a king in your home needs to be a meal that pleases and satisfies the king of YOUR castle… no one else’s.  If your husband loves a big, leafy salad, then that’s man fare in your home.  If he prefers fish to steak, then that’s all that matters…


A Welcoming Haven for Your Man

Now… I could write a preachy post about making sure you have the house scrubbed and tidy and lovely while wearing a fresh blouse and lipstick each day when he comes home.  I imagine that might be helpful… for a few couples out there.  But, not only would I be a total hypocrite to even write that post, it’s also not what my husband expects- or even WANTS- from me…

Have a Rockin’ At-Home Date

Dating the daddy of your children can be a challenge. Between finding a sitter you can trust, feeling comfortable leaving your babies, and affording to pay for the service, it can be mind-boggling and anything but relaxing.  If you don’t live near family, it can be extremely tough.  If you have many children, it can be difficult.  Even if everything falls into place, sometimes it just feels hard to justify the cost of a dinner out.  But this is no reason to stop dating the stud you call husband…


Preparing Myself to Honor My Husband

I could spend all day making sure my house is a welcoming haven.  I could make sure all the details are in place for a great at-home date.  I could havehis favorite meal simmering away upon his arrival home.  All of it counts for nothing if my heart isn’t prepared for him.


How do you plan to make Father’s Day special this year? (Oh, and if you don’t mind, let me know if you would have any interest in participating in an #honoringdaddy Twitter party some time this month. I hosted one last year and, while small, it was very encouraging and supportive!)

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