Ensuring a Good Teacher Fit

Just in case my ridiculously short tip post didn’t fulfill your daily dose of JessieLeigh, you can also find me over at Life as MOM today. I’m talking about Ensuring a Good Teacher Fit:


As we move into the summer months, we put the 2011-’12 school year behind us. Classes are over, report cards are sent, teachers are bid adieu. We welcome and relish the summer months and August or September still seem so far away.

While it is true that abundant sunny days of freedom are in our immediate future, this is still the time to be thinking ahead. No, you needn’t rush out and buy back-to-school supplies — those will get marked down later in the summer. However, you may very well want to start thinking about placement.

If you live in a tiny district where each grade only fills one class and, thus, there is only one teacher per grade, this will not apply to you. But, for most of us, there will be more than one teacher assigned to each grade level. In many cases, one of those teachers may be a better fit for your child than another.

So, how do you ensure your child gets a good teacher fit for next year? There are several pretty basic steps that can be taken to move things in the right direction…

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