Bacon Grease– Keep it or toss it?

Bacon & Cheese Oatmeal

As I set about scrambling an egg for a quick breakfast burrito this morning, I may have pouted a little…


You see, I was out of bacon grease. And, in this house, bacon grease is the preferred start to a delicious fried or scrambled egg. Olive oil, butter, or even cooking spray certainly work… but that’s not how I like my eggs.


And then I started recalling a tweet I saw someone post long, long ago that said:


“You might be Southern if… you fry your eggs in BACON GREASE. :O”


That made me laugh because, quite frankly, my family has always cooked eggs in bacon grease and we don’t hail from the South. But it did give me pause…


Are there people out there who DON’T save their bacon grease??? (I wept inside a bit as I typed that…)


As I’ve made it clear– I do save my grease. I keep it in a shallow bowl in my fridge and I scoop out a blob as needed. I always, always use it for eggs, but I also like it for frying onions, sauteeing mushrooms or green beans, coating the outside of a grilled cheese sandwich, and more.


Heck, one of my oatmeal recipes even calls for bacon grease!


I am in the camp that feels that bacon grease is awesome and I absolutely make it work for me– you’ll never find me tossing it.


But I’m just wondering…


Do you save your bacon grease? If so, are you a fridge or room-temp kind of a gal?


Inquiring minds want to know… :)

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24 comments to Bacon Grease– Keep it or toss it?

  • Jennifer

    keep! Thanks for the idea’s…I hadn’t thought of a grilled cheese

  • I’m southern so yes I do:) But I’m not sure how long it keeps in the fridge? If it’s been in there too long I will toss it…

  • We love bacon and have it almost once a week. I am totally inspired to save my bacon grease now because we eat eggs several times a week and they will be oh so delicious with a little bacon grease instead of butter. Thank you!

  • I always keep bacon grease. I usually use it when sauteing onions or pan frying chicken or cooking green beans. I’ve never tried it with eggs (I usually use butter) but I will now.

  • Kathy

    I have not fried bacon in awhile so no bacon grease in my fridge. I grew up with a bowl of bacon grease on the stove at all times. So I use it for eggs most definitely and I am from Indiana not the south.

    • You know… when I lived in Indiana, Kathy, no one blinked at my bacon grease usage either. In fact, my BIL there said, “You sure you’re not from around here?” when he watched me toss some in my egg fry pan. :)

  • Ann

    I have never saved my bacon grease. I rarely if ever have bacon, but even growing up I have never seen my Mother or Grandmother save it. I can only imagine it would enhance the flavor of whatever you cook with it.

    • Oh, bacon grease is lovely to cook with, Ann! I honestly make bacon when I’m low on grease… I enjoy the flavor the grease imparts more than I enjoy the actual bacon. Kind of crazy, eh? :)

  • Janet

    We save it in the fridge in a washed out jam – so it does spread the odor to other foods. You can keep it this way for months our longer. I have never had it go bad. I learned this from my German mother-in-law who grew up doing it. They use it in all kinds if cooking to add flavor.

  • Katie

    Yep, it’s not just a Southern thing, I’m from Oregon and I love cooking with bacon grease. As you mentioned in your post, such a sad thing that there are people who don’t save bacon grease… ;)

  • Jamie

    I didn’t know you could save and use bacon grease! I usually put it on top of my dogs food.

    Can you give some guidelines for saving?
    I.E: Do you strain it before saving? I sometimes have tiny scraps of bacon mixed in the grease- won’t these go bad? How long does it last? Etc.


    • I don’t strain mine, Jamie. Any “sizable” bits or pieces, I just pick out. The little specks and dots don’t seem to cause any issues. I keep it, uncovered in a shallow bowl actually, in my fridge and it lasts at least a month or so. Honestly, I’ve never had bacon grease go rancid. I think it’s really quite stable– some people even store it in a crock on the counter or in a cabinet, so it must stay good for awhile! :)

  • I’m sure we’ve discussed this before but I am a not saver on the very rare occasion I even make bacon, maybe once a year, if that? That seems kind of weird even to myself. But I guess we only eat bacon on restaurant burgers and when we go out for diner breakfast.

    • *whispering* (I don’t really like bacon.) I know. Shocking, right? But my family likes it, and I LOVE the flavor that bacon grease imparts in other things. So I probably cook it once, maybe twice, a month. That seems to be enough to keep up my grease stash. ;)

  • Tiffany R

    I am southern and I grew up saving bacon grease. I married a southerner who was raised by northerners and he thinks it is crazy to cook with bacon grease so I just don’t tell him. I figure what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him!

  • We usually save our bacon grease. We don’t use it all the time, but we store it in a glass jar in the fridge. Cooking onions and swiss chard in bacon grease as a pizza topping is soooo gooood!

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