30 Fun Activities to Keep Your Elementary Age Child Engaged this Summer

Keeping critical thinking skills sharp doesn’t have to be a drag or take a super long time– have fun with your kids and keep them engaged this summer!


It’s summertime! And, around here, that means I want my children to have abundant free-time and tons of fun. I have zero interest in forcing them to sit at a table and recite their math facts. But, at the same time, it’s important to me to that they stay sharp through the summer months and don’t suffer any of the dreaded “slip-back” that can be associated with the school-free months.


You all know I lean heavily on Summer Camps to keep my kiddos engaged and learning. We also insist upon encourage lots of reading. We’ve had great success with both of those things.


Want some other fun ideas to keep your children thinking, while still having a blast? I have a few more. Well, actually, how about thirty of them?


30 Fun Activities to Keep Your Elementary Age Child Engaged this Summer


  1. Write out the numbers 30 through 50. Circle all the even numbers.
  2. Write five short vowel words and five long vowel words.
  3. Measure the length of three people’s feet and put them in order form smallest to largest.
  4. Read a non-fiction book and write three things you learn.
  5. Divide a piece of food in 1/2, then in 1/4. Share equally with someone.
  6. Write an acrostic poem for the word S U M M E R.
  7. Add up the number of letters in your first and last names.
  8. Read outside under a tree for fifteen minutes.
  9. Count by 2′s to 80, starting at 12.
  10. Listen to a fiction story and draw a picture of your favorite part– tell why you like it.
  11. Get two dimes, two nickels, and four pennies. How much money do you have?
  12. Write five friends’ names and put them in alphabetical order.
  13. Use measuring cups. How many 1/4, 1/3, and 1/2 cups are in one cup? Challenge: how many tablespoons are in one cup?
  14. Read a non-fiction book and tell someone five things you learned.
  15. Count by 6′s. How far can you go?
  16. Read a book by an author who was born in June.
  17. Write down the times you woke up, ate breakfast, ate lunch, ate supper, and went to bed.
  18. Write a poem with a rhyming a-b pattern.
  19. Make a picture using a circle, a square, a rectangle, and a triangle.
  20. How many words can you make from the word “INDEPENDENCE”?
  21. Count backwards from 100 by 5′s.
  22. Write five contractions.
  23. Use sidewalk chalk to write numbers. How far can you go?
  24. Use tally marks to count how many birds you see in ten minutes
  25. Write and send a postcard to someone.
  26. Write all the ways you can make 25 cents using dimes, nickels, and pennies.
  27. Play a card game with someone.
  28. Write a story about what you would do if you were a king or a queen.
  29. List five things taller than your house.
  30. Read the weather report in the paper or online today.
(with thanks to our school’s wonderful team of teachers for the inspiration behind this list!)




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