10 Ways to Keep it Steamy When the Weather Gets Steamy

By now, it should be abundantly clear to you all that I am passionate about passionate marriages. I truly believe that marriage is a beautiful blessing… but I also believe that a good one takes some work. Happy, thriving unions aren’t an accident or a result of luck. They take effort… but that effort is worth it!


I don’t know about you but, when the temperatures dip, I naturally want to snuggle in close. By contrast, as the heat and humidity move in, there’s a natural urge to claim my own space and seek air movement. Obviously, you won’t find me snuggling under a blankey with my hubby during the summer months.


So, what are some ways we can keep a marriage steamy when the weather itself gets a little TOO steamy?


  1. Exchange the shorts or capris for a flippy little skirt or a sundress. Flippy or flowy skirts are surprisingly cool! I actually prefer them both to shorts. The real perk? Skirts and dresses often make us feel pretty and feminine and that translates into your behavior. Yay for comfort!
  2. Gloss up that pucker. Lipstick can feel thick and uncomfortable in the sticky heat. A lightweight gloss, on the other hand, can feel delightful and adds a gorgeous, natural shine. Swap out your favorite winter matte shade for a bright summery gloss. I bet he’ll notice… (*note: Not all glosses contain sunscreen and, if yours does not, it could actually increase the odds of sunburning your lips. So, um, just wear it inside then, okay? ;))
  3. Set up a fan. Fans are so refreshing and cooling! They also do fun things like make the hem of your skirt kick up a bit and tease tendrils of hair over your eye. Nothin’ wrong with that.
  4. Find a fab body spray. I love, love, LOVE my jasmine perfume oil and use it nearly year-round. But when it’s REALLY hot? I have a jasmine pink grapefruit body spray that is amazing. The jasmine makes it familiar to my guy, but the lighter, zingier scent is oh-so summer appropriate. And it feels cool and refreshing to spray it on!
  5. Rock a porch swing. (Or hammock.) Wait ’til the littles are socked out and creep outside. Watch some fireflies. Catch an evening breeze. Play footsie and flirt.
  6. Sip a cool, cool drink. Hot temperatures call for frosty drinks. The blender is your friend– my Strawberry Vodka Slush or Champagne Sherbet Freeze are perfect for this kind of weather! (Frozen drinks needn’t contain alcohol if that’s not your thing, either!)
  7. Play with ice cubes. Why not? ;)
  8. Pin up that hair! Make it sloppy and sexy. Let a few pieces slip out. Maybe curl a couple. (Lots of guys seem to enjoy playing with an odd spiral-y tendril now and again… just sayin’)
  9. Take a cool shower. It can be just you or… not– hey, I’m not your mother!
  10. Have a water fight! A hose, water guns, water balloons, or a sprinkler… there are oodles of fun ways to cool down and play together. And you know what? Playing together IS sexy.

Gracious, I had even more ideas! But that’s ten. So I’ll turn it over to you…


What are your favorite ways to keep your marriage steamy when the weather gets steamy?


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