Why I Love the Newborn Days the Best

I always say I like the newborn days the best… that it’s those moments when they’re tiniest that I treasure the most. And there is definitely something to be said for that sweet newborn smell, those itty bitty fingers that curl around yours, the soft downy head, and hungry rosebud mouth. Newborns are fantastic.


But, if I’m honest, toddlers are awesome too. First of all, they are hysterical. And their curiosity simply cannot be beat. They explore on chubby legs and grasp dandelions in dimpled hands and a mama’s heart can’t help but melt.


But they turn into preschoolers soon enough. The “baby” years are definitely over, but oh! the worlds that unfold. Sturdy, confident movements. Speed and agility and independence emerge in new ways. They draw their families and tears spring forth at how big and important you clearly are in their family portraits.


And I watch my older children.  A kindergartener, just learning to read. Testing out activities and finding her niche. Learning that she can make people laugh and asserting her capabilities despite her tiny stature. She is fierce, determined, yet still such a little girl. My seven-year-old, so tall, and so loving. He writes books that he reads to me and asks my opinion– “Should I call him Flame Dragon or Garnet Dragon?” A big, bright, handsome young man is starting to burst forth, but, when he’s hurting, it’s still my arms he seeks.


I blow kisses at the bus and no fewer than seven children “catch” them– only two of them are mine. But this age, oh this precious early grade school age… it’s an amazing one.


And, so, I realize… perhaps what I treasure most about the newborn days isn’t just that baby-powder scent and unfailing trust.  Perhaps it’s all the possibilities that lay ahead… all the wonder stretching out before us… all the joy of watching them grow.


And loving every stage.

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2 comments to Why I Love the Newborn Days the Best

  • mlearley

    So beautifully written! You almost had me in tears. While I’m not at the early elementary years yet, I can totally relate. My beautiful first born is becoming so independent and cracks us up with the things she says and does. Yet when she gets hurt or sick, she’s still wants mommy to hold her and make it all better. Then there’s my 6 month old, who has shear joy on her face when I walk into her daycare room. When I pick her up, she immediately takes me cheeks in her tiny chubby hands and pulls me towards her mouth to give me the wettest kisses ever! Oh how I love each stage and watching these little ones grow into their little personalities!!! :c)

  • Laraba

    Thanks for the sweet words about newborns…very encouraging to me as our baby is due to be born by C-section a week from tomorrow. It IS precious, but I’m sort of dreading the short nights. With 7 other kids to care for as well, I sometimes wonder how I will cope. Answer, through God’s strength. And of course I have several BIGGER kids now who can help a lot. It’ll be great. And wow, that newborn stage is so precious…and every other stage. One of our sons is bursting into reading and that is amazing too. Every stage is amazing, isn’t it?

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