Smiling Through Adversity

I’ve posted this photo before. Way back here. But I was reminded of it when I shared early pictures of C. with a teary-eyed mom at karate the other night.


There is something about that shot that just always brings me to my knees.


The thing is…


~~She was only one month old

~~Not yet two pounds.

~~She breathed with the assistance of a c-pap and that was a HUGE leap from the ventilator.

~~Her meals came via a tube threaded into her mouth, down her throat, and directly into her tummy.

~~She could only be held, at most, once a day because, devastating as this is, it was too stressful for her tiny, undeveloped nervous system.

~~They stuck her heel every two hours to check her blood gas levels; both itty bitty feet were bruised and bloody messes more often than not.

~~She had MRSA. And was in isolation. And was handled only with masks and gloves and gowns.


And she smiled.


I was the one who saw it– who noticed she was smiling. And not just a fleeting little grin, but a full beaming smile that spread into her eyes and lasted long enough for me to get my camera and capture the shot.


And, oh, how it humbled me. If this precious little girl could smile when faced with such adverse circumstances in her short and early life, certainly I could find it in myself to stay chipper through, say, a cold.


So smile today, my friend. Smile as much as you can. There is beauty in a smile despite rough circumstances.


My daughter taught me that.


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