Get Ready for Summer Break!

Summer break will be here before you can blink.  Best to be prepared, says I!


In our home, we’ll be exploring knights, bears, gymnastics, stars, all things pink, and more through our at-home summer camps this year.


To read more about how we make our summers spectacular (and keep mama sane), hop on over to Life as MOM where I give the whole scoop!

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2 comments to Get Ready for Summer Break!

  • I forgot you wrote this, as it’s been such a hot topic on so many blogs lately. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately and give you such kudos for doing this…I can envision some lively discussions. I think, with my little guy, I still need that free explore rather than planning…but I can’t wait to delve to summer camp planning-together like this-is aweesome for when he’s older.

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