Flip-flops and Pedicures!

Well, I feel almost safe packing up my boots for the season. (Almost– this IS New England, after all!) Still, my flip-flops have come out and resumed their place of honor next to the front door. What’s that you say? You always put your shoes neatly away in your closet? Wise of you. I doubt you find your children constantly traipsing around the house in them, then. ;)


So, anyway, I’m super, duper excited to be back in my favorite summer footwear. I know some people find them fiercely uncomfortable. I know others who warn me that they’re terrible for my feet. I’m willing to take my chances.


But, hey, since it’s a new season and I’m always up for some fun, tell me, oh ye who are more fashion-savvy than I…


What toe nail polish colors are in this season? What colors do you love? And where do you find the best quality for your buck?


Today, I just feel like having a little girl talk. :)

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