Eating by Ancestry: My Plan

Well, it’s not the most perfectly cropped thing I’ve ever seen, but here it is!


Here is my plan for what I’ll be eating the second full week in June:
Sunday through Wednesday are based upon common and indigenous foods of Norway. Thursday through Saturday reflect those of Germany. I have not yet worked out snacks/desserts, but I plan to keep it simple– fruit, cheese, etc.


I’m excited to see how I feel on this sort of diet. (Not diet as in weight loss– diet as in specific type of food.)


In case you missed it, it was this post that got my wheels turning. Interested in trying it yourself? Pick a week in June and see our group Pinterest board for inspiration! (I’m happy to add you on to the board; just let me know.)


*I used a free customizable menu plan from Crystal at Money Saving Mom. You can do the same right here!
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