Bringing the summer sun into my wardrobe!

Today’s so drizzly, it’s almost hard to remember what the sunshine looks like! Okay, I kid. We’ve been truly blessed with glorious weather and there is no doubt that the sunshine season is right on the horizon. Yay! There was a time when I preferred winter to summer but, my friends, those days have passed. I must be on some escalated aging plan, because I’m starting to realize why all those old people flock South… and I’m only in my thirties. *ahem*

Anyhow, until I get to the land of perennial sunshine, I shall truly relish these warmer, sunnier times. One way I love to do that? A serious wardrobe shift. What do I mean by that? Well, let me show you…


Here are a few of my very favorite winter clothing items. These are the workhorses of my wardrobe. They get some serious wear in the colder weather.
dark wash skinny jeans, ivory fleece pull-over, gray long-sleeved knit top, black 3/4 length sleeve top, long black straight skirt
Now check out the frequently worn pieces of my summer wardrobe:
white knee-length flippy gauze skirt, sea green gauzy top, bright pink long tee, yellow cotton ruffled tank, lt. turquoise & white floral sundress
See the difference? Summer is my favorite season for embracing vibrant color that puts a spring in my step. I never noticed just how dramatic that shift is until doing a closet inventory. And, let me tell you, that second picture makes me happier than the first. :)


How about you? If you were to compare your five favorite winter pieces to your five favorite summer pieces, would you see a difference? Or are you one of those ladies who’s consistent year-round? How do YOU bring the summer sun into your wardrobe?


Join the conversation about summer style must-haves right here. Erin has some great suggestions! (Psst– while you’re over there, you can enter the sweepstakes for a chance to win an iPod touch and a $50 iTunes gift card to go with it!)
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7 comments to Bringing the summer sun into my wardrobe!

  • Elizabeth

    For years I courted a style that can best be summed up as black and denim. I have a TON of black t-shirts, black long-sleeved shirts, black skirts, and dark-wash denim in various incarnations. This summer I took one look at my closet and shuddered a little. I want bright colors! I want to pop! I want to celebrate summer! Well, it’s not in the budget to remedy that overnight, but I did buy several new tops that are white or pastel as well as some new, colorful accessories. In fact, I find that my new bottle of white nail polish (as opposed to the dark maroon I used to wear year-round) can brighten up any outfit, even a black tee and dark jeans. Paired with white flip-flops and a pair of sunglasses, I get a bit of a nautical look that way. :) In any case, this year I’m on board with you – your second picture looks so much more cheerful!

  • Celine

    My winter and summer wardrobe are pretty much the same. I usually wear jeans and t-shirts with sweatshirts or fleece. I do have a few long sleeve shirts but not many. Summer ends up being the same exact t-shirts just paired with jean shorts in place of the jeans.

  • Are you crazy ;)?! — to once have prefered winter over summer ? I love summer even just for the clothes I can wear alone. I hate wearing tights all the time if I wear a skirt in the winter and I love my flip-flops and bare feet in the summer. Also- we are making our garden today- yay!! :)

    • I actually really, really love fun, patterned tights, so that part doesn’t bother me. And, yes, it’s true. Could it be because I lived for several years in Florida and just MISSED the seasons so much? Who knows? :)

  • you’re so funny! You know they make winter wear in fun colors too! It’s mood lifting, you know. ;)

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