3 Tips for the Exclusively Breast Pumping Mom

I jokingly refer to myself as an unofficial expert on ways to feed babies– I have exclusively formula fed, exclusively pumped, and exclusively breastfed. Of the three, it is my opinion that pumping exclusively is the most challenging. It seems to involve all the work of both the other options without some of the fun perks. Still, it is sometimes the best or only option a mother has. Such was the case for me when my second baby arrived four months early and was fed through a feeding tube.
If you find yourself in a situation where you must rely on pumping for all or most of your baby’s feeding needs, whether because of a medical condition or work situation, I do have some tips to help you establish a successful pumping relationship!

I’m guest posting for Rebekah as she spends time with her precious newborn son! *insert jealous sidelong gaze– I want to hold that baby!!!* ;) To read my list of tips for the pumping mama, head right over here.
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