When You’re Just! That! Happy!!! :) :) :D


So.  I’ve realized something about myself.


I like exclamation points.


I also like emoticons.


I’m like a 12-year-old girl stuck in a 35-year-old body.  Next thing you know I’ll be dotting the “i”s in JessieLeigh with darling little hearts.  Oh my.


So my apologies if that bothers you…


On the flip-side, you know what the real kicker is?  When I receive notes or emails from women who are NOT just! that! happy!!! :) :) :D, I often think they’re mad at me.  Or, at the very least, not super thrilled with me.  I analyze it.  “What’s up with ending that sentence with a PERIOD?  `See you tomorrow.’?  Really???  Where’s the enthusiasm???”


Because, you see, I probably would have signed off, “See you tomorrow! :)  Can’t wait!!”


Sigh.  It might be a sickness.

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9 comments to When You’re Just! That! Happy!!! :) :) :D

  • LOL

    I’ve never really noticed, so you must use them well. :-)

    Some of my FB friends on the other hand have been hidden because of it. A 5-6 sentence update, all ending in exclamation points? Really?! Are you yelling all of that? “I took my dog for a walk! Now I’m watching tv!” HIDE

    I do have to make a conscience effort to leave them out though. I’m pretty good at it when it comes to my blog, but social media and email get emoticons and more excitable punctuation. :-)

    • I think social media is what did this to me, to be honest… I’m always trying so hard to convey emotion to people who don’t actually know me in real life and that can be hard! While my sister likely gets the tone of what I’m saying, the same can’t be said for people I’ve never met. So… I smile :) and wink ;) and gasp :O and frown :( a lot. And, apparently, show great excitement!!!! But I DON’T OFTEN YELL. So that’s something… right? Ha!

  • I love you so much!!!

    But, I have my limits at three exclamation points. ;)

  • mlearley

    I do this often too and I’m afraid people either think I don’t know what a period is or they think I’m immature. I just get excited about things sometimes! ;c)

  • I agree with you, it’s all about the tone. Sometimes I’m sarcastic or joking so I always add a ‘;)’ because i would hate to hurt someone’s feelings. Since I’ve been on twitter, I’ve started using them a lot more too, my texts to my hubby have gotten way more fun :).

  • You crack me up! Lots of times I go back and take out some ! because I think maybe others will think it’s overkill. AND maybe not every single thing I say requires such excitement. ha ha! I love the emoticons in my incredimail, but I mostly don’t use them anymore since the rest of the world is checking their email via their phone.

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