To sort or not to sort?

I don’t believe in sorting laundry.  Well, I frequently wash the kids’ stuff separate from the grown-up stuff, but I almost never bother to separate colors.


I also don’t sort flatware types in the dishwasher.  I actually think they get cleaner if they’re all mixed up, since you’re less likely to end up with a handful of spoons all nested together and stuck with food gunk.


I don’t separate my kids’ food or jump through hoops so that things don’t touch or combine.  Fortunately, I have kids who just don’t care.


But I’ll tell you this–


There is one thing that I DO always sort.  I always take the few extra minutes needed to sort beans.  And I’m going to be honest with you… two years went by without my ever finding a single “non-bean” thing in there.  I was starting to question whether this mindless task was really worth three minutes of my time…

Yep.  They’re not kidding.  There are sometimes rocks in there.


That would have been rough on someone’s teeth or the blender.


I am totally not a “sorter”… but sorting beans?  Works for me.

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10 comments to To sort or not to sort?

  • mlearley

    Good catch! That would’ve definitely required dental work if someone tried chewing that rock.

    We do minimum sorting at our house. Grown-up clothes are sorted between colors and whites but the kids are just sorted by child. Then we have a load for towels/sheets/etc. I 100% agree on the utensil thing b/c my husband use to ask me to put all the same kind in a holder but I noticed they were coming out yucky. So no more sorting those!

  • huh, I didn’t realize people sorted silverware into the dishwasher. I load from back to front in whatever order we finish eating. I do try to be mindful of nesting spoons. I do a load of whites and a load of colors (light and dark mixed, a load of kids and a load of towels.

    I don’t REALLY sort the beans. I just give them a cursory glance.

  • Sonja

    no wonder it takes me so long to do laundry…lol. I sort everything-blacks & navy together; dark gray, green & brown together; jeans; reds and hot pink; lights; whites; towels; sheets; blankets…

    oh, and beans, yeah-I put them in a colander and sort a few at a time…

  • Much to my mom’s dismay, I don’t sort laundry (except towels and sheets and brand new red things)!! I also don’t mix everyone’s laundry together. Each kid has their own basket and I keep mine and Michael’s separated, also. Makes it a cinch to just toss a basketful in the washer and I don’t have to sort them when they come out, either!

    I never even knew people sorted flatware. I do kind of “arrange” it for best cleaning – ie. check for nesting spoons, etc.

    I only kind of sort beans. I sift through them and take out any weird stuff after I’ve put them into the soaking liquid.

  • Ann P

    I love this post! I do not sort laundry and my Mom still makes a big deal out of it when she comes over. For me it is cheaper at the laundromat, because I often only have 1 or 2 loads.

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