“My Story… ” Monday: G – You’ve Got the Job

(You can catch up on G‘s story right here: A Third Baby, Fighting Panic, Connecticut to Oklahoma)


My c-section was scheduled for June 17th.  Since MY birthday is June 20th, this meant we’d likely be getting out of the hospital as a nice “happy birthday to me” present.  I was excited.  It was weird as all get-out to me to “know” my baby’s birthday ahead of time, but it was also very exciting.


I went for a check-up on June 6th and everything changed.  Nope– not June 17th.  June 12th.  Well… alrighty then!  That might not seem like a huge difference, but going from having a week and a half down to only six days to prepare seemed like a big jump at the time.  Still, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again– I tend to have easy, comfortable third trimesters and I really didn’t care either way.  I was so, so, SO happy to have made it so far into a pregnancy that you would never hear me fuss.


Well, I might occasionally cry and fuss over the fact that I was about to have three kids and my husband had no JOB, but I never fussed about the pregnancy. :)

Full-term with G!

Twelve hours before I was to head to the hospital to be prepped for surgery, the phone rang.


It was the bank in Connecticut.  They offered my husband the job.  They wanted to know how soon he could be there.  Less than a day away from having a new baby, we had a decision to make.  Of course, in our minds, there really was no decision– as I said last week, “you go where the job is.”  He accepted it.


That night, my mother-in-law came to sleep over so she would be there in the morning when our older two children woke up.  We sat with her on the couch, talking about this and that, and then my husband broke the news, “Mom… I’ve accepted a job.”  You could see only the slightest flicker of panic rush across of her face (after all, she knew he’d been interviewing all over the country), before she calmly asked, “Where at?”


He told her.  And she responded with, “Well, I’m really glad you’ll be near her family.  That’s good.”


[Here's where I'd like to brag on both of our parents for a moment.  We (hubby and I) have lived in a lot of different states.   We went far from home for college and we've been everywhere in between.  Our parents have never, ever made us feel guilty for leaving.  They have NEVER tried to convince us to "move back home" or moaned around about how far away we had moved.  Did they miss us?  Yes.  Were they happy when we lived close by?  Yes.  But neither his nor my parents ever gave us grief for living elsewhere-- this is something for which I've always been grateful.]


By eleven PM, I was long past yawning and was tired of “being social.”  I took a shower and, with giddy little butterflies in my belly, fell into bed to sleep.


We rose bright and early to head to the hospital.  It was to be my baby’s birthday…


(G’s birth story is coming… finally!  Be sure to come back next week!)

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13 comments to “My Story… ” Monday: G – You’ve Got the Job

  • mlearley

    I often wondered what it would feel like to know when you’re baby was going to be born. Then with baby #2, I kind of got to see how that felt. I was a week over due and the ultrasound estimated a 9lb 6oz baby. Since my first daughter was 8lbs 14ozs and caused me a lot of issues, they decided that there was no time to wait. That night they sent me into the hospital to be induced but I actually started contracting on my own while on the way. It was just weird calling my mom not being in labor but asking her to come watch my daughter and then leaving for the hospital with no rush. Definitely more interesting and I had those butterflies in my stomach too.

    I’m so glad your parents are super supportive. My husbands are too but my mom got super upset when we decided to move 4 hrs away when we first got married. Now we’re only an hour from her and she couldn’t be happier. I guess it’s b/c she knew I was the only hope for grandkids and didn’t want to see us only a few times a year. However, I think if we had to move where we had jobs, I think she would be ok. At least I hope! ;c)

    • It is so fascinating to me to hear all different sorts of birth stories– all wonderful and magical in their own right! Aw, I’m glad you’re closer to your mom now so she can see the grandbabies easily. :) Both my parents and my husband’s had other grandchildren close by, so that may have helped with their acceptance of our being far away. ;)

  • Laraba

    I am glad you were able to sleep before the C-section. I am always so excited that I have trouble getting much sleep, which is annoying given that I’m about to have a BABY and will not get much sleep for a few months. With our 7th child, I was in the OB’s office having a non stress test when I started having strong contractions. This was 10 days before the scheduled C-section. The OB said, “we’re doing it now” and we did. I liked the way that happened and am kind of hoping it’ll happen again with this kid. But mostly I am praying for God’s perfect timing on his birth.

    That is great your dh got a job the day before she was born!

    And also nice your parents are peaceful about where you live. Our kids are the only grandchildren of my parents but they live in another state and have always been calm about the distance. They moved all over creation (including overseas a couple of times) when I was growing up, so they are familiar with the concept of parents living a long way from grown children and the grandchildren.

    • I think the fact that our parents had also moved away is key, Laraba. My MIL left her home state and my FIL was in the military and, of course, went all over. My dad was in the corporate world and was transferred. We moved quite a bit. As a result, both sets of parents knew what it was like to “leave the nest” and go elsewhere. That probably made them more receptive to the idea! (And, if I may humbly confess here, while I am definitely glad my kids get to be near grandparents, I have to admit that I enjoyed celebrating holidays as just our nuclear family as a child– it was nice to just stay home and not have to drive around.)

  • That’s so great that you were willing to move wherever. I’ve never left this town {never went to college and my hubby has lived here his whole life too} and I’m quite attached. We live next door to my parents and although they are busy a lot, I like that they are close by. My husband has never held roots as deep here so I know I would be quite sad if he were to want to move somewhere else. Can’t wait to read G.’s birth story :).

  • That’s so great that you were willing to move wherever. I’ve never left this town {never went to college and my hubby has lived here his whole life too} and I’m quite attached. We live next door to my parents and although they are busy a lot, I like that they are close by. My husband has never held roots as deep here so I know I would be quite sad if he were to want to move somewhere else. Can’t wait to read G.’s birth story :)!

    • (This comment went into moderation… why, I have no idea! :) But I think, based on your other comment, that you maybe thought it disappeared. Sorry about that!)

      • Sorry about all the crazy multiple comments! These I left with my computer and they completely disappeared after I left them so I repeated ;). WordPress doesnt like my randi094@ email address so I’ve gotten used to using my other one. Sorry about this!

  • This so crazy I have NO memory of this change of dates. I wonder if I wasn’t keeping current on my blog reading those last weeks before Gus came. I was admitted a handful of time after NSTs. I’d think I’d remember this though.

    • I’m sure I must have mentioned it… I’ll see if I can find it in a post sometime. :) It sounds silly now, to say that that 5 days was a big thing, but it felt like it at the time!

  • Good for you for being ok with moving and not being stuck in one place. I’ve only ever lived in one place and I’m pretty attached and love having all family close by. I’m sure it would be very hard for me to leave if my husband were to get a job somewhere else.

    • Well, first of all, I think it’s wonderful that you love the place you’re at– that’s fantastic! Secondly, I have found that the people most resistant to moving are those who’ve lived in the same place all their lives. My SILs have never lived outside of Indiana and likely never will. Me? I moved quite a bit as a child and I’ve never worried overly much about “place”– there are things to love about any place I end up. The key is being willing to look for them without dwelling on what you have to give up. :)

  • Amanda

    I just recently got married and moved to Georgia from Canada to be with my husband. My parents have not adjusted well at all! You are lucky that both sets of your parents did so well with that. I’m biding my time until my parents calm down and leave us alone but it doesn’t look to be happening anytime soon. It’s annoying! I had no problems leaving home but they’ve had problems with me leaving. You two are lucky! My parents made me feel quite guilty and I hate that.

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