Menu Plan: 4/22 – Decadence

I had so much fun playing around in the kitchen this week.  No real surprise there. ;)  I concocted a glorious, decadent Berries & Cream frozen drink that I will share with you all on Tuesday.  I also revisited my super-fast-bread-making skills in this Deconstructed Pain au Chocolat.  That recipe will be coming soon, too.  In plenty of time for Mother’s Day!  Even if you have to do the cooking/baking yourself, this one is decadent and will have you out of the kitchen in a flash…



B: Cheerios, Apples, Yogurt, Water

L: Deconstructed Pain au Chocolat (in <30 minutes!), Sausage Links, Oranges

S: Soft Pretzels with mustard dip

D: Sunday supper at Bama & Papa’s



B: Fave Oatmeal (<– Kids’ choice from the fifteen varieties I’ve made so far this month!), Milk

D: Spring Veggie & Chicken Pasta Salad



B: Yogurt Lemon Sugar Muffins, Yogurt

D: Chicken & Noodles



B: Yogurt Lemon Sugar Muffins, Apples

D: Asian Chicken & Mixed Veggies over Rice



B: PB Raisin Toast, Milk

D: Honey Mustard Chicken Pitas w/ Cucumber & Lettuce, fruit (<– to go!  It’s baseball practice season.)



B: Banana PB Smoothies, Toast

D: Salsa, Cheddar, & Chicken Pizza




B: Ham, Egg, & Cheese Sandwiches, Mixed Fruit

L: Mac & Cheese, Tomato (<– if you’ve never made mac & cheese this way, I totally recommend that you give it a go)

D: Chicken Marsala, green beans




And that’s the plan!  


What’s your favorite thing on your menu plan this week?  (Me?  I’m looking forward to those pita sandwiches, to be perfectly honest!) 


** Fun project alert!!**   In June, I will be experimenting by eating only foods native to those countries from which my ancestors come– in my case, Norway and Germany– for one week.  I already have a few adventurous souls who will be joining me in trying this out.  Interested?  I would LOVE to have you participate!  Leave me a comment or drop me an email.  Or comment on this FB post (more details can be found there, as well):


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