Matching Bowls for Varying Appetites (+ giveaway!!)


I have three kiddos.  They range in age from a two-year-old girl up to a seven-year-old boy.  The toddler is a good eater.  But that boy?  Regularly out-eats his mama.  Their portions are simply not the same.  Still, I like to have matching dishes and set a pretty breakfast table.


My solution?


Cute measuring cups:

Each child gets the right amount of food without any dishes being over-full or any food looking lost in a too-big bowl.  Works for me!


Speaking of things that work for me!

Did you know that the clever Kristin Welch, who hosts Works For Me Wednesdays over at We Are THAT Family, has put together an ebook along with Jennifer De Groot?  Called That Works For Me!, it offers over 800 fabulous tips and tricks for making our lives easier.  These ladies did the hard work and sorted out some of the very best tips that have been shared throughout the years.  Pretty cool, eh?


I was flattered to learn that a couple of tips from yours truly have been included in the ebook.  But, since I already know my OWN tips, I was even more excited to peruse all the wonderful ideas from other contributors!  Some of my faves?


  • Car Seat Safety Tips
  • 7 Natural Beauty Products
  • Blogging Help for Non-Programmer
  • Magic Eraser Substitute
  • Rain Gutter Bookshelves
  • Creative Picture Hanging
  • Be a Coupon Fairy
  • Edible Landscapes
  • Teacher Gifts
  • Help for Grieving Families
  • … and on and on and on!


This ebook seriously covers all areas of life, from homeschooling to hospitality, from babies to housekeeping.  No matter where you need some advice, you’ll find it here.  Pretty cool, huh?


The ebook is priced at $8, which is a great deal.  (That’s less than a penny a tip!)  Right now, you can get it for even less.  Use the code SAVE1 to get a dollar off and take it down to $7!


Feeling lucky?  You could win a copy!


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For up to 3 additional entries, please do any or all of the following and be sure to leave additional comments letting me know you’ve done so:

  1. Follow works4mebook on Twitter
  2. Like the That Works For Me page on Facebook
  3. Leave another comment briefly sharing your favorite tip or trick you’ve ever learned from a  blog!


Winner will be selected on April 25, 2012.  Good luck!
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14 comments to Matching Bowls for Varying Appetites (+ giveaway!!)

  • Celine

    What a great tip. I always feel like when I look at the amount of food in a bowl that it isn’t enough even though I know it’s more then enough when I dished it out.

    Where did you get the adorable bowls?

  • Celine

    I followed on twitter.

  • Celine

    I liked the TWFM Facebook Page

  • I follow them on twitter. @randi094

  • I once read about laying a wooden spoon on a boiling pot on the stove from and I now I do it all the time.

  • Kathy

    I bet there are lots of great tips in this book.

  • Kathy

    I just learned today from another blog how to make a stainless steal pan function as a non-stick skillet.

  • I love your tiered bowls! So cute! At this point in our lives I can not imagine ever saying my boys can out eat me. They are bird eaters right now!
    I really am trying to get over my aversion to digital books because I think this one is so cool. I really want it in paper!

  • Tracy

    I like TWFM on Facebook :)

  • Tracy

    Magic Eraser substitute? No way! I’d love to hear more about it because I use mine all the time.

  • jean maxwell

    Last night my adult nephew observed by phone that I may be in danger of being considered a clutterer or was it horder?

    I moved into my house before remodeling and addition were completed in 1998. Still don’t have doors on kitchen cabinets nor cabinets in place. For a good ten years my father insisted I only use a specific handyman. So I have a subfloor in a bedroom and in the addition. I have carpeting which needs to leave in one bedroom and the dining room and living room. I cam into money and tried to get things done.

    My health was fragile. My patience thin. I took my anti-depression med. and helped aging parents. My dad gets so upset when I try to hire anyone else. Yet, after the call I really looked at my house. The file cabinets have not been painted. The whole wall bookcase has never gotten beyond started, no one room is finished.

    Today I started condensing and cleaning. I made a plan to spiff up the place and start taking charge of doing all the things which I can learn to fix or repair. After I’ve done what I can, I’ll learn more or hire a reputable business to finish my home.

    Thanks for letting me vent. So I could use the ideas from this book.

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