Incorporating Color into My Wardrobe

I love jeans and black pants as much as the next girl– they’re flattering and comfortable.  What’s not to love?  As a result, I wear them a LOT.


I also love blue and green tops– probably because my eyes are a shade of teal that fluctuates between the two.  Those cool tones flatter my fair skin.  As a result, I wear them a LOT.


I think it’s super important to have those “old stand-bys”– the things that make you feel good about yourself and that you know work for your coloring and shape.  Because of that, I don’t ever foresee a time when I’ll be letting go of those dark jeans and green tops!  I feel good in them and that affects my mood.  I feel comfortable and confident and those are both good things.


Fairly recently, however, I’ve tried to branch out– just a little– and explore some new shades.


Take, for example, this situation…


Armed with birthday money, I was looking for something new and summery.  This cute eyelet top came in a sunny yellow and also a vivid pink.  I have other pink tops– it’s another one of those shades I know I can pull off.  But… yellow?  I owned not one single yellow article of clothing.  I figured I’d look sallow or sick and I always avoided it.

This time?  I didn’t.  And, you know what?  I love that top.  And I get compliments on it every.single.time I wear it.  Go figure!  It brightens my mood and puts a spring in my step.


I’ve also started adding color back to my nails after years of keeping them bare due to constant care of littles.

A little Cherries in the Snow, anyone? ;)


Jeans are great.  The LBD is a classic for a reason.  That simple ballet-neck, 3/4-length sleeve black top?  It’s not going anywhere– I can always count on it.


But… color!  I’m loving it.  And I’m loving exploring it in new ways and seeing the impact it has on my mood.


How about you?  What colors do you LOVE to wear?  What color scares you?


You can read more about incorporating color into your wardrobe (and check out my tip in the comments!) right here.  While you’re over that way, why not enter the Life Well Lived Sweepstakes? 
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7 comments to Incorporating Color into My Wardrobe

  • My nails are not ready for color yet…still too much hand washing to keep them hang nail, snag free. ugh

  • Kelley

    You are so pretty in that picture! I know it is a beauty that comes from the happiness within, which is inspiring. But you should know, you look beautiful! Have a great day!

  • Love the top and the baby! I love pinks and blues but am scared of oranges and some yellows on me.

  • This is a big problem for me. I’ve always loved black. Then I started working backstage for a theater (as a full time job). I was given money for clothes and had to buy black. I wore a LOT of black – including during my first pregnancy. Needless to say, my husband is sick of black even though it has been 2.5 years since I worked at that theater.

    Just today I’m wearing black pants, a red t-shirt, and a black zippered sweatshirt. My husband’s reaction? “Wearing black today? Are you going to [theater name] today?” :)

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