You Always Want What You Don’t Have (review & giveaway)

I remember being in elementary school, sitting in the cafeteria and opening up my lunch, eager to see what was inside. (If it was pickle and pimento loaf with cheese, I was one happy girl!) My mom always included a little dessert treat in there, too. And, here’s the thing…my mom? Was a baker. She made home-baked cookies, brownies, cakes, cookie bars, etc. all the time! That green ceramic cookie jar on our counter was full more often than not. And, so, my lunchbox treats tended to be homemade cookies.

But the girl who sat next to me? Oh, man, her mom bought her treats. Little, individually wrapped bundles of decadent pleasure whose textures and flavors were foreign to me. Frosting, cream, swirly lines, spongy cakes…it was a completely new idea to me and I. was. jealous.

I didn’t get to sink my teeth into a Hostess® product until several years later when I attended middle school and often bought my lunch from the a la carte line. There, I discovered Hostess® Donettes® among the offerings. Five or six little mini-cakes all in a row, drenched in a layer of chocolate-flavored frosting. Yum. I ate far too many of them alongside my icy cold milk, but the memory is a good one.

Later, I became best friends with a girl whose mom regularly stocked Hostess® CupCakes®. We were young teens and loved to gorge ourselves on the rich, chocolaty snacks after school. We’d dance around her living room to NKOTB songs, fueled on joy and CupCakes®.

So, you might say, there’s a bit of nostalgia associated with Hostess® for me.

And guess what? I turned out like my mom! I bake–all the time! As a result, my kids are the ones who’ve never tried one of those elusive, cellophane-wrapped treats. I find it fun, every now and again, to get to share some little part of my history with them.

Hostess® has added two new offerings to the mix. Remember those Donettes® I fondly recalled? Yeah, well the ones I’ve enjoyed have a yellow cake center. And they’re good. But now? Hostess® has rolled out New Frosted Devil’s Food Donettes®. You know what that means? More chocolaty goodness in the form of devil’s food cake dipped in a chocolate-flavored coating.

My twelve-year-old self would totally have chosen those first, no doubt.

Also joining the line-up are New Hostess Chocolate Crème Twinkies®. My husband would be the Twinkie® connoisseur of the family, but he thought the idea of having an indulgent chocolaty crème filling on the inside was a good one; he was glad they weren’t messing with the traditional sponge cake exterior! Probably smart not to mess with a good thing; as one of America’s best known and most loved snack cakes, Twinkies® have been tantalizing taste buds and filling lunch boxes since 1930.

Hostess was kind enough to mail us a box of the New Chocolate Crème Twinkies®, and my hubby generously offered to try the first one. The verdict? Classic Twinkie® taste with a mild, chocolaty flavor. I’m guessing there will be more than a few fans of this new option!

Rediscovering Hostess® snack cakes was a trip down memory lane for me, and my kids love to come along for those childhood reminiscences.


What special Hostess® treat do you remember from your childhood that you’d love to share with your children or someone special in your life? Let me know in the comments to be entered for a chance to win a $100 Visa gift card, courtesy of BlogHer and Hostess®!

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