Preschool 101


March is upon us! And, for many, that means preschool applications are due. Should you send your child to preschool? At what age? What should you look for in a pre-K program? Is it even necessary?


I tackle these (and more!) questions over at Life as MOM…

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  • FYI: RIght under the title Preschool 101 is a mucinex add. I am not offended by this in the least, but I just want you to have a head’s up if there’s an uproar.

  • Laraba

    I definitely am not a “preschool” person for a child who doesn’t have special needs — I can see the value for a special needs kid, perhaps. I personally believe that children do best in an environment with lots of free time for play…I realize there are preschool programs with playtime, but some locally at least are very academically oriented. Of course, I homeschool too, so I’m an oddball in many ways. I am teching my kiddos to read, write, and learn math by myself and haven’t needed any kind of preschool to help.

    From a purely practical point of view, preschool would just about drive me around the bend because we have soon to be 8 children and I have naps and chores and schooling to juggle…throw in a daily trip to and from some preschool and my brain would explode.

    So no, no preschool for our kids. But I realize many others make different choices and I respect that completely. And it depends on family dynamics as well. Part of our situation is that we have a bunch of kids so we have our own little socialization group right here in the home :-).

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