One Step Moisture with Olay (review & giveaway)

As illogical as it may be, somehow I have become that woman who took better care of her skin at 21 (when it probably would have glowed even if I’d washed it with Lava soap) than I do at 35 (when I should probably be paying more attention). Do I have lots of excuses for this? Yep. Of course I do! I have three kids. We’re on a tight budget. I’m lucky to squeeze in a shower, let alone do anything fancy for my skin. I’m too busy reading kids’ books to read articles about what’s new and great. But at the end of the day, taking decent care of our skin doesn’t need to be a huge money or time commitment.


And that’s great news! I am beyond lazy in the shower. Seriously. I’m the girl who doesn’t even mess with shaving cream — or even soap — when I shave my legs. Water’s good enough for me! Shower gel? For the most part, it’s not worth the hassle of that pouf thingy to me. Pass the soap. Given this, I was a bit skeptical about whether I’d really enjoy Olay® Ultra Moisture Body Wash.

(Looks like a little somebody is awfully interested, though!)

This product is packaged just like most other body washes and the method of usage is the same — pour a small amount onto a shower pouf and lather away. Nothing too tricky about this. Does it work? Well, it definitely cleans your skin. And by using a pouf or washcloth you probably knock off some dead skin cells and that’s gotta be a good thing too, right? Olay Ultra Moisturizing Body Wash leaves your body smooth and clean.


If that were it, though? I’m not gonna lie to you — it probably wouldn’t impress me much. I’m pretty satisfied with the cleanliness of my skin already. What I haven’t been thrilled with? The dry tight skin I’m left with, especially on my legs and shoulders. Because of this, I admit I was intrigued to read that there’s a jar of moisturizer in every bottle of Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash. Really?

Well, I will tell you this, since I started using this product I have not needed to use an extra moisturizer. Seriously. And that cuts time off my daily routine and makes me happy. My skin feels soft and looks kind of glowy in the right light, all without my having to add extra steps to my skincare routine.

Maybe that poufy thing and a quality shower gel are worth the trouble after all. A simple routine makes me happy!

To be entered for a chance to win a $50 Visa gift card, leave a comment letting us know: What are some of the ways you simplify your routine?


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