“My Story… ” Monday: Help Me Tell a Story You Want to Hear!

Well, sweet friends, last week I wrapped up my mini “Journey with the Pill” series.  I think it was a brief, but important, tale to tell.  It’s too easy to have strong opinions about things without realizing the full scope of what actually happens in some women’s lives.  As I wrote last week, I had very much hoped to conclude with the happy news of our fourth pregnancy (despite the Pill), but that was not to be.  Nonetheless… that story is complete.


I could put “My Story…” Monday to rest for a little while.  Or I can keep story-telling.  I have LOTS of stories. ;)  As much as it humbles and surprises me every time, traffic patterns and feedback tell me that, for whatever reason, many of you enjoy these stories.  So, I’m inclined to keep it up.   But, to do so, I’m going to need a little help.


Would you mind, terribly, answering this ONE question survey for me?  It will help shape the future of “My Story… ” Mondays!

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