“My Story… ” Monday: And the “winner” is…

So, last week I asked you all to take a super-quick, one question poll for me… and many of you did!  Thank you.


I checked my results after about three days and saw that, by just a hair, the story of my third child (who you all know as “G”) had gotten the most votes.


And so that’s the one I will tell!

G. is two-and-a-half right now and she’s a whole lot of fun.  She is my first “typical” child, if you will (though there’s nothing ordinary about her at all!), and that has been a new experience for us as parents.  I look forward to telling you all about how she came to join our family and the impact she has had on all of us. :)


(note:  When I checked the Survey Monkey results this morning, I saw that the story involving my husband had taken the lead!  Oy vey, it’s been quite a ride watching those results.  I’m going to start with G’s story, since that’s what I had *thought* won, but never fear.  I’ve been writing a long time and I don’t plan on going anywhere.  I’m guessing the story of my husband and my relationship journey will get told, too…)
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