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I’ve known about Community Supported Agriculture (or “CSA”) for a long time now.  I’d been actively looking into joining a CSA for the past three years.  But here’s the thing– where I live?  In hoity-toity, fancy-pants, gorgeous-hilled Connecticut?  There aren’t a whole bunch of CSAs out there.  And what is out there?  Fills up lickety-split.  I’m not the only one looking to get local, cleanly-grown, fresh, in-season produce while still supporting my town and the farmers in it!  And so, alas… I was always faced with the dreaded “wait lists.”  Blergh.


But this year!  This year, I was poking around online a lot in late February and I happened to stumble upon a local farm that looked fantastic.  I quickly clicked to sign up and was sad to see only a 2011 share form.  Boo!  Undeterred, I filled it out and wrote a note at the bottom stating that I realized this form was obsolete but to please, please, PLEASE let me know if there was any chance of my getting in for this year.


Within minutes I received an email confirming our 2012 share.  Hallelujah!


I am so giddy with excitement, friends, that we’ll have all this yummy, fresh, LOCAL produce throughout the growing season here.  I putter around in my little square foot garden, sure, and that generally yields a lovely amount of green beans, pea pods, lettuce, grape tomatoes and some carrots.  But I’ve had NO success with squash or zucchini… the powdery mildew gets me EVERY time.  And I can’t manage to get my full-size tomatoes to take off here like I could in Indiana.  And so… I’m super excited about letting some actual farmers take on the bulk of the growing for me this year– woo hoo!


Do you belong to a CSA?  Or have you in the past?  What do you like most about it?  Do share with this excited newbie!


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8 comments to Joining a CSA

  • So happy for you! No CSA’s here – although my garden is big enough I could almost be one! ;) What a blessing to have the veggies picked and ready for you to use! :)

    • Oh, I follow all your gardening posts with envy, Melinda– I know it’s a TON of work, but what an amazing, amazing bounty! I would love to garden on a larger scale at some point.

  • I’m not sure if we have any around here but I do know that local farmers sell produce in our grocery stores. I plan on having a successful garden this year {fingers crossed} and what I don’t get, I’m sure I’ll be able to get from my mom’s garden or my friends’ gardens.

  • I just joined a CSA as well this year! I have wanted to for the past several years but for me it was not about being wait-listed it was about other things in life getting in the way. But this year it all worked out and I am signed up! I cannot wait til we start getting them. I still plan on having a small garden, but since I am a novice gardener I want to make sure I have veggies coming in.

    • You sound like you’re in the same boat as me, Suzy! I’m also looking forward to all that fresh produce– and to learning to cook with less familiar veggies. I think it’ll be fun! :)

  • We have belonged to a CSA for a couple of years now. In fact we have a winter one here. I LOVE ours so much! We get lots of produce, but also meats, dairy, eggs, baked goods and more. It is wonderful!

  • We LOVE our CSA!! I think this will be our 12th summer, and this year we bought a winter share as well. Here’s my article on the joys of the CSA.

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