Don’t Water the Weeds

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“You’re pulling out the weeds, right Mommy?” he asked me.  My son stood, kicking at the board that helps frame my little square foot garden.


“Yep!  Gotta get them out of there, right?” I smiled up at him.


“Sure… ’cause otherwise, you know, they’d take all the good stuff out of the dirt that the real plants need.”


“Exactly, kiddo, that’s it exactly,” I said, continuing my battle against the silly tree seeds that insist on taking hold in my little patch of soil.


“And also, Mommy?” he added, with a lopsided grin so reminiscent of his daddy’s, “Make sure you don’t water the weeds!”


I laughed and he did too.


Don’t water the weeds.


Simple enough advice, wouldn’t you say?  And I certainly would never set out to water those pesky little weeds that interfere with the REAL work that’s getting done in the garden.  I wouldn’t want to encourage something that’s destructive or interfering with my true purpose, would I?  Of course not.


But, yet…


–How many times a day do I spend too much time on a relationship that tears me down rather than building me up?  


–How many hours do I waste online trying to please “online” people while the people in front of me clamor for my attention?


–How many minutes do I waste dreading a task that would likely take only moments to complete… were I to actually get started?


–How often do I giggle or roll my eyes over something someone did that I found foolish rather than spend that time praising and celebrating the action of someone who did something admirable?


–How frequently do I look in the mirror and fret and moan over tiny little “flaws”, devoting far too much attention to them?



How many… ?  How often… ? How frequently… ?


It’s the same as watering the weeds, my friend.


Let’s commit to giving nourishment and energy to that which is quenching and edifying to US.  Let’s pour out our time and efforts and nurturing on that which MATTERS.


Let’s not water the weeds.

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