Diary of a Mad Fat Girl (review)

As most of you know, I’ve been going through some really tough stuff lately.  While some people turn to self-help books, philosophical non-fiction, or religious memoirs at times like this, I?  Turn to fun chick-lit.  Maybe I’m an escapist by nature but, when it comes to my reading, when the going gets tough, the tough gets laughing at the silly or romantic antics of fictional characters!


The book Diary of a Mad Fat Girl, by Stephanie Macfee, fits this bill perfectly for me.


This novel tells the tale of Graciela (“Ace”) Jones and all her adventures and misadventures.  It is an incredibly quick read that had me giggling at everything from the main character’s feisty nature to her silly chiweenie, Buster Loo.  Ace’s character is so stubborn and outspoken, she’s constantly getting herself into trouble and, even when you see it coming, you just have to shake your head.


There is some coarse language in here– nothing I haven’t heard before and, when it comes to books I’m reading silently to myself, I’m not overly delicate.  Still, there are words I definitely don’t use in my own vocabulary and, if such things are upsetting to you, I think you should be aware of it.


On the surface, this is one silly, fluffy, rather meaningless piece of fiction.  I mean, really, a lot of it is ridiculous and over-the-top (though, truly, incredibly fun.)  At the heart, though, this was a tale of the loyalty that runs deep in women’s friendships.  Ridiculous as their antics may have been, Ace and Lilly and Chloe were bound by ties that were strong and lasting.  I love “chick lit” that captures some of the beauty of being, well, … a chick. ;)


(Read what others thought of the book and get involved in the discussion over at the BlogHer book club page– I’m there every week, weighing in on various questions.)

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  • Elizabeth

    I hear you! Sometimes I just need a good laugh or a good romance novel when I’m going through stress. Thanks for the review, and I’m glad you could enjoy a laugh. I have been reading your recent posts and I have been praying for you as you grieve your loss. God bless.

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