Under the Sheets (free book–Kindle edition!)

Well, by now I’m sure you have all realized that I’m not afraid to just say it out loud– you both can and should have a hot and spicy love life in your marriage!

I’ve tossed a few ideas around here but, in case you’d like to read even more on the topic, you can hop over to Amazon right now and download a free Kindle edition of Under the Sheets: The Secrets to Hot Sex in Your Marriage, by Dr. Kevin Leman. ¬†Amazon prices can change at any time so, if you’re interested, I recommend you take advantage of the zero dollar price tag as soon as you can!


If you don’t have a Kindle, there’s a free Kindle App download available right here.


(Disclaimer: I’ve NOT read this book. ¬†Dr. Leman does write from a Christian perspective on sex and marriage, so I feel relatively confident sharing this deal with you.)


*hat-tip to Jessie– thanks for letting me know so I could pass it on!

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